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Facebook actually led to good news today.

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My SD6 is not actually FDH's daughter. He raised her with BM through the first years of her life, and after he and BM broke up, he continued to take her the same days he has his son (50/50). About a year ago, SD's bio dad came back into the picture. He used to see her just one day a month, now he takes her EOW and has voiced that he wants her during the week on our days, but BM won't agree to that. So that's the jist of the backstory...

Today I decided to see if SD's biodad is on Facebook. I've heard bits and pieces about his girlfriend -- SD really likes her alot. So I found biodad's page, which was private, but I could click on his girlfriend's page. She was connected to an area the OWNER! I was so shocked. She owns a bridal shop, and I've actually spoken to her in a professional sense in the last few months having no idea who she was.

I checked out her page and she has lots of cute pics of her and SD, or her and biodad and SD. Also lots of mentioning of doing family-type things with SD when they've had her on the weekends -- like, "Taking SD to see a movie, then a picnic at the park!"

She seems like she has her crap together. Which makes sense that biodad seems to suddenly have HIS crap together. This makes me sort of feel like we SHOULD let them have SD during the week....he is her TRUE father and if they want to be more involved in her life, shouldn't they be allowed? (Let me add that if biodad were to take BM back to court, I bet he'd win and get those days that we see her...he has threatened but not actually done it.) Of course, FDH doesn't feel that way, he just feels jaded like he's not getting any credit for being her "daddy" for the first 4 years of her life. Guess we'll just see what happens.