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What would you do? Call CPS? Let it go?

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We had some issues with daycare, so BM decided that until the end of the school year, she would pick up the skids (10 and 7) from school and then let them hang out at her apartment alone until she got home from work or we picked them up on our days. DH agreed with this arrangement, as long as it was temporary. I do not agree with this. I do think SD10 is responsible enough on her own for a little while, since she does have a phone, too. But I do not think she should be in charge of anyone else. And actually, according to out state laws, she should not be watching anyone else yet, not even her own sibling (until she is 12).

Yesterday I snooped on SD10's phone and found out that they have been left alone many more times than just after school. BM has left them home alone an entire day and then instructed SD10 not to tell us they were alone all day! She said, "Just tell them when they pick you up that I just left a few minutes ago. I don't want a lecture." There were a lot of other times in the evenings when SD texted her asking when she would be home, so obviously they are being left to themselves much more often than just 1.5 hrs after school.

What would you do?


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Yep, totally this. The bio parents have made arrangements that don't include volunteering YOU as a free babysitter. Also consider if you called CPS that they would investigate your DH too - he and BM reached an agreement to let the kids be in the apartment after school, so he's just as culpable. You'd be inviting trouble into your own home. Let it go.

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I agree with this^^^^ Your DH should well know by now that when you give BM and inch she will take 27 miles... ESPECIALLY this BM! He was OK with skids staying alone (for a short period of time) but what's a couple of extra hours here and there?? I would let this play out on it's own. Eventually it will come back to bite her, or maybe it won't.

Don't open a can of worms if you don't have to!

p.s. how's the little man? He must be about 4 now? Biggrin

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Was a babysitter out of the question for some reason? That seems like the logical step if you had problems w daycare. What if something were to happen, either one of you would be going to jail. Don't forget, if your BM is anything like the other BM'S on this thread, the first thing she'll do is tell CPS that you let them stay alone as well and that brings up the possibility that your skids are off to foster care.