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Yay! Followed by ugh!

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Ever feel like your situation is making positive progress only for it to be followed by minor annoyances?

SO has been having some teaching moments with SD today. They put together some cube shelf's we got for her toys. He taught her how to use a screwdriver and a hammer. She was excited to help and it seemed like the typical thing every father teaches their kid! He made dinner tonight and had her help him. Got her to measure things out, follow the directions. I sat back and was pleased he is finally putting in effort to teach her some basic life skills and even a little math mixed in with the measuring (my future teacher self loves to see this kind of thing). I know they are small but it's such an improvement. Gives me hope my concerns haven't fallen on deaf ears.

Then.... SD starts to annoy the heck out of me. "Play" fighting with her dad by punching him and hitting and slapping him. In the way that it's cute for a 3 year old but not an 8 year old. Talking about why do his ears look so weird, why is your nose like that. Idk if it's pregnancy hormones or what but it was just annoyinggggg! So here I am, locked in my bedroom because I am already ready for this weekend to be over. Lol nothing major, just over here bitching. 


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I hate it when kids act younger than their age.  Hopefully, she's in bed by now.  Your SO was doing a good job with her earlier.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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I always say for every 2 moments of pride there's one of annoyance. It's like kids get too excited about their parents being proud of them they have to offset the balance. Still though, 2 steps forward and one step back is still progress.