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It all starts to make sense

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BM has put up a good fight and played mommy for nearly 2 full years now after abandoning SS14 when he was 5. I'm sure it's exhausting to deal with a teen ager when all you want to do is party.

DH has always said that she'd peter out... eventually. As she always has. But she has been trying to prove to me/dh that she is a good mom ever since I came into the picture, so she came in hard buying him expensive video games systems. shoes, watches, etc.. oh, not child support or anything we needed to raise him, but she was doing the typical Disney parent thing.

A few weeks ago she texted DH that she gives up and he can have sole custody, blah, blah, blah

She showed up at the child support hearing days later and didn't mention it.

Then SS informs us that she said the same thing to him recently - that she'd just give full custody to dad.

Then last night she tells ss that she will give up her two weeks on / off of visitation during the summer (6 weeks total) so that he can play football.

The thing is that DH APPRECIATES having a minute break from SS. Right now it is EOWe plus the 6 weeks of summer. Those two week visits that he did with his mother last summer was the first time he's had such a break from his child. He also likes to "make" BM take care of her responsibilty toward her son - especially since she pays no child support, doesn't participate in his life/school/world, etc.

I think BM is looking for a way out.

DH refuses to give it to her.

If she wants to give up her custody or file for a change/ reduction in her time spent, she can do it. Or she can just not show up and SHE can be the one to let SS down.

DH is over it.

I'm over it.

she's losing steam...


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We can't sign him up dr anything because bm will never allow him to participate on her time because she's too lazy to bring him.

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Same here SD can't join anything or play sports because her BM won't take her to meetings or practice. She also won't even change the schedule to us having Monday afternoon to Friday morning and her having Friday after school to Monday morning. She will miss her too much :sick:

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It's just not worth it. I learned in year one. Ok, I tried in year two also, but BM is not going to do anything FOR SS. Even though BM will not take him, she also does some mind-voodoo on him, making him think he doesn't want to participate in things.

So as of now, he is not doing scouts. He gets to sit at the meetings and watch my two boys and all his friends do stuff. He will go on the camping trips with us, but he will not be a scout.

He gets to watch my youngest play basketball - his favorite sport - because BM will not take him during her time.

I refuse to pay MY MONEY to sign him up for things that SHE will not take him to and then have her pull a whammy-shazammy and make him think we are forcing him to play/participate.