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First post since April - lots of updates

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Ok, I haven't posted in months and months, though I've still been reading and commenting. So much has happened in our lives in the past few months. My DH was unemployed for about 4 months over the summer, then he got a job in October. Meanwhile I worked two jobs - one full-time and one part-time to support DH and SD10, whom we had full custody of. Towards the end of November I lost my job and we ended up losing our house (rented) bc DH made so little at his job that he couldn't even make rent for one month.

Meanwhile, BM had moved to OurTown and had gotten her life back together, so she was getting SD about half of each week. After we lost our place to live, it was determined that DH and I would move to the next state over to live with my mother while we got jobs (DH transferred to a much better paying position), and got our finances together. DH signed over his full custody to 50/50 custody...BM and SD will also be moving to the NewTown after the school year is over. For now, we are contributing groceries, some cash, etc to BM to help with SD until we can have her half time again. The new order was made between BM and DH without going to court. Things have been civil so far and we get SD about one weekend/month and if we go to OldTown for anything, we make sure to see her then as well. I have a folder with which I am documenting all time/money spent on SD, along with receipts in case BM tries to start anything. We've contributed more to BM in One Month than she EVER gave us in almost three years, so documentation is CRUCIAL in my eyes.

Anyway, back on track with updates. About two weeks after I lost my job I found out that we are expecting. I'm currently 15 weeks along; it's my first child, and I'm so excited Smile I was able to find part-time employment at a very family-friendly business, with a schedule that complements DH's work schedule, so we won't ever have to worry about paying for child care.

So I suppose that's it for now...just wanted to update so I can get my blogs back on track. I hope you all are doing well, and if you're not, then I hope it gets better soon!


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I agree about BM, although it is only fair since we got SD when BM abandoned her when her life went down the shitter and BM didn't call/visit/send money for over two BM wants to move to the NewTown as well, seeing as how she has more family and friends there, so it's really a win/win for both sides.