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Letter from jail

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Letter arrived yesterday from SS in jail addressed to SO. SO opened it, read it, left it on the table, when he left to take his nightly whining collect call from the clink, I peeked at it, and the letter was to both of us. 

There was a lot of apologizing, said he was participating in whatever drug treatment they offer there, a special thanks to me for opening up my home to him, saying he was reflecting on his own behavior, and is so grateful for all of our help and kindness. It was also a plea for us to spend $5 a pop to do video visits with him, and for both of us to show up at his sentencing in a couple weeks to say nice things about him. 

SO left the letter on the table in the living room, but never said a word to me about it. I'm still wondering why- he must not trust that I really would say anything in court that would help his son receive a shorter sentence. 


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Sentencing??  He has not even been sentenced yet and he is already talking about where he is going to go when he is released?  Unless he is looking at something under a year then why is this even an issue now?

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No- no one is talking about him being released yet. He is looking at a minimum of 5 years. 

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Four felonies including robbery, extortion and theft. All stuff relating to stealing to feed his fix. r. 

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Then why the hell is the issue of him coming to your house eventually even on the table?  Or am I mixing you up with someone else?  Anything can happen between now and then.  Getting shanked in the shower springs to mind.  Problem solved.  

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He isn't talking abouty coming back when he is released- he was thanking me  for having him in my house over the past yeasr and a half.

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Haha! There is no better time to apologize and do some "self reflecting" than when one wants a favor!

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Wait, I thought you said HELL NO to opening your home to him?

I don't know what I'd do if my DH were so delusional about his kid.

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Got it. DH left it there on purpose, he's hoping you will read it and bring up the sentencing.

This "kid" has a lot of nerve expecting you to go say "nice things" about him so he'll get a lighter sentence.

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For the money he stole.  Then you will start thinking about forgiveness.  This can not be the first time if he has a minimum of 5 years. 

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went to jail for (i'm not sure what but I suspect it was stealing) it burned me up that he wanted me to buy her a radio, flip flops and some niceties to bide the time in jail.   I did it resentfully but I was quite the doormat back then.

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SM to sing his praises for a lighter sentence.  He IS delusional!!!!

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can anyone say nice things about a felon drug addict who broke into parents home, stole their money and belongings and pawned it for cash to fund their drug addiction, i assume got physical or verbally abusive. Would a judge be dumb enough to fall for that shit.

i have my guard when anyone claims to be a bron again christian or religious person 

hubbys exwife has become a born again religious person with an epiphany to be better for the sake of her kids, the same kids she avoided trying to get pregnant with and sabotage pregnancies, failed to raise and nurture them, tortured hubby etc. So we laughed that she has suddenly become godly because she was recently doing the same bullshit as before but dumb ass skids have been brainwashed by her that they see her as mother theresa who became a vindictive evil bitch because hubby divorced her. 

Well she sucked at being a wife, mum, stay at home housewife and stole from hubby and had her family threaten to kill him so what was hubby meant to do?? Stay married to her??

i don’t buy it, history shows they are incapable of change