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Can SS now stand for Sh*t Stain??

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These calls from the clink are killing me. SO takes every single one- they are costing us a fortune, and this dipsh*t waste of life calls daddy multiple times a day so we can pay to listen to his whining and self pity. Now that he has been sentenced, he wants to bitch about his public defender, overhnk about what might have happened had he taken his case to trial (yea I'm sure a jury would fall in love with a chronically-criminal waste of oxygen with no job or treatment history who is shocked there are consequences for robbing people). What is driving me crazyis listening to SO indulge all of his self pity parties and baby him on the phone- seriously, he sounds as if he is speaking to a 3 year old (I know- it sucks. I'm so sorry. I love you buddy. Call me back tonight if you can buddy....) Then last night I heard the conversation turn to me. And I heard SO speaking for me (no...she's in bed. Yea buddy- of course- she What is it that I understand?? Why don't they ask me directly and let me speak for myself? The only thing I understand is that SO and his low-class POS fleabag of a felon ex wife hae created a self-important, entitled monster who, despite facing a judge and prison repeatedly, does not think he has done anything wrong. I understand that the Sh*t Stain uses people however he can. He used me for over a year to pay his bills and give him a free place to live so he could sit in my basement smoking heroin on tinfoil. And when that went bad (he said if only we would have given him our medication- which he smashed our safe to eventually get into, then he would not hae been forced to steal to get his fix), he tried to use me in open court- to have me be the professional social worker who speaks on his majesty's behalf. 

When SO got off this phone call and came to bed, he tried to cuddle me and I didn't even want him to touch me. With every one of these sniveling babying phone calls, I lose attraction to him. It's such a turn off. And I lose respect for him. And I hate that. but it';s so disturbing to me that I am up in the middle of the damn night blogging aboiut it.