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i lowered myself to bm's level, ugh, feel free to tell me so

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so earlier in the week i got a friend request(on facebook) from a person i didnt know, so i wrote her, do i know you? no response, so i randomly check bm's myspace and she has un blocked it. Mainly because she is so desperate to get my dh to fight with her, and she knows that he doesnt like her having photos of ss for everyone to see. BUT i see the same photo for the friend request for a profile with a comment on bm's myspace. oh, hahahahha, now i see, bm is so pathetic she feels the need to have her friends stalk me on facebook. so i write her and say, oh i see you are friends with bm, i should have known. please tell her to get a life and stop trying to spy on mine, you are both so lame. She writes back and calls me a bunch of names and denies that she knows bm. I write her to say, uh, cut the crap, you just got caught being an idiot...basically. I never once used foul language. SO i get a response that basically calls me every name in the book and i think every word was profanity, also told me to go F myself. For me, i love to write, so i took the oppertunity to blow off steam, and it was actually at some one who deserved it. Because after all what is bm gonna say, exH your wife is being mean, my friend and i were stalking her and writing her nasty things and she responded? anyways, now looking at it today i see that i went a little far, even though i do feel better. This woman he verbally attacked me more than once, she calls and says all kinds of nasty things about me and i do nothing about it, i never respond. What would you guys have done? how could i have better responded, or channeled my upset. I really dont care about them messeging me stupid things, i was more so entertaining myself going back and fourth with such an ignorant person.

here is my last response:

oh my, I cant express how sorry i am for you, that at the age of 38 you feel the need to use such vulgar language and attack someone 11 years younger than you because you and your friend BM look like fools. Its funny that you both go to such a nasty reaction when you are proved to be an idiot. It is even more sad to realize once again that the mother of my step son and her friends have no class. Lets drop the lies, and own up to the fact that at 38 you felt it was okay to stalk me on facebook with your friend. You are both quite entertaining for my husband and I, and have given us a good laugh. The facts are that, im not from your city, we dont have any mutual friends, and you cant even see my face in the profile photo so you could not have thought "you recognized" me, and you have comments from you posted on BM's myspace. You are right in the fact that you do not know me, and honestly if you had met me and weren't brainwashed by someone who is insanely jealous of me, most likely you would like me. I would think you would have been around the block enough by now to know there are two sides to every story. I love my step son very much, and I am an amazing step mother to him...ask any one who isnt mentally ill and has seen me with him. It is very pathetic though that his mother is causing her own son so many issues by talking bad about his father and i, because she cant handle that we are happy. If only she realized the only one she truly is hurting is her own child. Perhaps you have an ex husband who moved on and you sympathize with her, but really my husband is an amazing father and im sure you dont know the half of the crazy things she has done. I really hope that after replying with such a nasty immature response at your age you do some thinking about how that actually makes you look, really i cant imagine having that little going on in my life to take part in something so petty and dramaful. Since you are most likely running to your friend and repeating this...why dont you let her know, she should just stop. Im not an idiot like the crowd she runs with and all she is doing is making herself look more and more pathetic. She will never be more than just poor white trash, she is another statistic of a girl who got knocked up and now has a child she is too lazy to support and is living off the government and welfare. She truly is a pathetic charity case.

Next time before you go running your mouth and stepping into another persons drama, please realize there are people who are far more intelligent than you that laugh at your attempts to cover ignorance with foul nasty language...Ive not used on foul word and been able to express clearly that pretty much in relation to me you and your frind are nothing. Its called guys should try to get some!


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i think your message was great dont regret it one bit! she deserved everything you said and u didnt go outta line at all! i can pretty much guaentee if i wrote something to bm it would've beel a heck of allot worse than wat you wrote!

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Love your messaage. Would love to use myself on BM here---why are the all the same? HAHAHA

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You made my day!

"I child proofed my whole house, but they STILL get in!"

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My biggest fear of it would be BM trying to use it against DH somehow in Court, but I get a real kick out of what a fool she would have to make of herself if she tried! LOL!

Like you said, what's she gonna say?

I think you handled yourself well.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I---
I took the one less traveled by,
and that made all the difference. -Robert Frost-

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I don't think you overdid it. I think you made your feelings very clear without the use of the curse words. Job well done. You shouldn't have any regrets.

I would print a copy of the whole conversation and keep it for your own records though. You never know when she may try to use it against you for whatever reason. It's always bettr safe than sorry.

"If your going through hell, keep on going, don't slow down, if you're scared, don't show it, you might get out before the devil even knows you're there" -Rodney Atkins

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no response. Not only that but she removed her picture and blocked her account, or deleted it. I cant tell but her name is black and you cant click on it, like there is no link any longer. The sad part is that i actually started to second guess myself if this woman was a friend of bm. I showed dh the pictures just to make sure i wasnt seeing things...yep same exact picture, and there were in fact comments on bm's page. Im new to facebook, but im pretty sure that you dont just randomly find people if you dont know their name, email, or have mutual friends...