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Sick YSS and our weekend

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Well I figured out why YSS was so grumpy this week, he is sick.  I had very little contact with him this week so I wasn’t aware of this until after he had gone and of course after he contaminated the entire house!   

It seems not only is YSS sick but so is MSS and OSs.   Not that we ever see MSS and OSs.   

I was shocked to hear DH say he hoped YSS doesn’t come for his visit this weekend because he is sick.   Not that smash doesn’t care but because my bs is coming home and we had plans to go do things and YSS would not feel up to it.  

When DH called YSS last night to see how he was I specifically told DH to ask YSS if he had been to the dr.  And of course he had not.  So another reason DH is hoping YSS stays home is because it never fails....YSS comes here sick as can be and we have to deal with it.  Then BM texts YSS constantly to make sure we are babying him enough.  THEN late Sunday BM demands we take YSS to the clinic before they close.   She does this so the bill will come to DH and not her.  It’s her passive aggressive way of sticking it to DH.   

This is BMs pattern.  And to be honest I don’t want to have to deal with myself or my BS being sick for the short time I will have him home.  

So here is to hoping YSS decides to stay home and not infect our entire house!!!



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If your DH is the NCP.. I would tell BM he can't exercise his custody this weekend... Smile

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 BM is such a nightmare and will use it to turn YSS against DHike she did with the older two.  DH is trying to talk to YSS and make it seem like it’s YSSs idea.   It’s all in how he approached YSS with it.  

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He came and was so sick it was ridiculous.  YSS immediately told DH he needed to take him to the doctor today.  DH works all weekend.  DH text BM telling her he has to work so her response was for DH to take hom to the clinic last night instead.  The clinic closed in an hour.  This was totally her plan because she had sent the insurance card with YSS.   

Mss was sick and she took him to the dr but kept YSS home from school all day and let him suffer.  

DH ended up taking YSS because he was concerned about him have pneumonia.  He had a fever and felt horrible.  He is very sick with the flu.  Dr gave him several meds and said his blood pressure was high.

I have zero respect for BM.  YSS has managed to stay in his room the whole time he has been here and is respectful of not giving this bug to the rest of us.   

If BM even attempts to reach out to me to find out how YSS is doing, I refuse to answer.  I have zero respect for her and never will.  

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What a crap mother, playing games with her child's health just to stick it to her ex-husband.  The flu can be very dangerous, people die from it.  How contemptible. 

I know it sucks to have a very sick kid in the house, especially one who is not yours, but good for your DH for taking care of him.  

I would let YSS know he's too sick to be on his phone and needs to focus on getting better.  

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He has stayed in his room watching videos all day and has not been a bother at all.   DH is working so I have been home with him all day.   I had no problem with DH taking him to the dr because of how sick he was.   But I was still furious at BM for being such a bitch.   She got off work 2 1// hours before DH....and YSS was home all day from school.  There was no reason for her not to take him other than to screw DH.  I mean the kid had his health insurance card on him....she totally let her kid suffer just to stick it to DH.

Thats day YSS will remember who was there for him when he needed them.  And it won’t be BM

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Ughh BM used to  try stuff like this with DH. Not to this extreme becuase he would tear her a new one if she waited to take SD to the dr. if she was this sick. It sounds like he shouldhave gone way sooner. But she has brought her over sick and she used to do things like plan SD's dentist and drs appts on his Wednesdays and then expected him to pay the co pay. He shut that down after the 3rd time becuase they have it set up where he pays he X amount and that is to cover the insurance and the copays.