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Losing my mind

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This happens to be a kid weekend for us.  Not a big deal.  YSS is a decent kid who normally keeps to himself and DH is off work this weekend, which is rare. DH and I have been off work together this week.   Well last night YSS asked to have a friend stay.  No problem again.  The kid staying is polite and quiet and never a problem.   


Currently my I am in my home office trying to clear out some backed up work from being off and doing some online shopping.  My office is at the opposite side of the house from where YSS and his friend are.  They are watching a scary movie.   Well one of them has a toy that is very annoying and loud.  It makes a very loud clicking noise when played with.  As they are watching the movie, one of them keeps clicking that damn toy non stop.  I’m trying to compose myself so when I go in there to take the toy away I don’t rip it or if their hands and smash it against the wall.   It is THAT annoying.   

Im going to take 10 deep breaths and very calmly go and get the toy to take it away.   Well at least that is how it will go in my head.   In reality it will most likely go straight in the trash.  


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The noise is not annoying to them and unless you have warned them to stop, they have no idea it is annoying to you. I get it, I am extremely "sound sensitive" - certain noises bother me that other people don't even notice. But it seems like you should give them a chance to stop before trashing the offending toy.