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Hello lovely Steptalkers!

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Stopping by to say hi!
Had a bit of an epiphany in class yesterday. I'm taking a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy course to get certified in this amazing and high demand therapy technique, and like many of my classes there is such an opportunity for personal growth along the way to learning. I will say I think this technique is something that those who are struggling with not being able to get the other house or the actions of your stepkiddos out of your mind would find very helpful. Just wanted to pop on and share. So those of you interested in counseling for yourself may want to seek a provider who is certified in CBT.

As for me...
I am nearly done with the course work of my master's in marriage and family counseling program! I am taking my final course load this summer and in fall start my practicum! Real live counseling! (Exciting and scary all at once!)

I hope everyone here is finding their way toward peace, acceptance and having a wonderful summer.

Love and light to all of you!


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Well hello Sita! So glad you stopped by. And yes, CBT is powerful stuff for navigating an environment that you can't change while holding the best space for yourself. And how exciting to be almost done with your course work!

Hope all is well all around in your life Smile

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It's been tossed around. The toughest professor in the program when I started left last summer and his parting gift was telling me I need to go on because the field and academia would benefit from my talents. It is a very tough decision though. PhDs take even LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNGER than a master's. And I ain't gettin' any younger.

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Ahhh, the old gang is "representing".... makes my heart swell!

Smooches to you all,

DPW (dorothyparkerwannabe)

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Oh as far as the rest of my world...

Lovely. Everything. Still don't really have a productive relationship with ex or SM. But it's really ok. I don't anticipate that will ever happen. But I don't rule it out either. Smile

Boyfriend of 2.5 years moved in back in January. Still very much in love. He is so...
Romantic. And considerate. And passionate about me. And knows how to turn me on through his new knowledge of systems therapy theories he has earned vicariously through my sharing them with him. I am smitten. It is mutual. The other night I was humming something from Phantom...and then I heard him pick that up and start singing it in the living room. Never ever thought I would have a shared love of theatre with the love of my life. And it's fantastic!