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Hello beautiful S-talk members!

Not sure if anyone still remembers me here, but it's been absolutely forever so I thought I'd check in. Re-read my last post and things are not quite as drama free in the world of Sita as they were last year. However...

I have found a place of peace and bliss regardless. My life is so incredibly full of school, a fantastic graduate assistantship, kids, and my guy (1.5 years now and counting) that I just have reached a place of not being able to be brought down by fear or attachments to outcome for things I can't control. I have released my path and purpose to the will of the Universe and am heeding the call. It was a long time coming. But I am HERE! And it's really nice I must say. Smile

My wish is for all of you to know this place, to be able to remain calm in all the storms that divorce and step parenting bring to our lives by default of design.

I still run a support group for people in transition and am about 2/3 through my master's program. It's been a hell of a ride the past 4-8 years but I surely wouldn't trade all the growth, amazing relationships, and friendships I have come to enjoy because of all I have been through.

Much love and many million hugs to all of you.


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I wish I could get to the point that you are at a place of not being able to be brought down by fear or attachments to outcome for things I can't control

I think this is a lot of my problem as far as skids. I seriously hate not being in control so to speak and when I feel like I have no control it makes me anxious and I start wayyyyy over analyzing everything. If I could just learn to "roll with it" I could probably get through this... I just can't seem to get to that point though Sad

Glad to hear things are going well for you!

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You've accomplished quite a load! Congratulations! I'm happy to hear you're in a good place. Smile

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Thanks Smile

I finally realized that things will never not be dramatic. My options are to get sucked in and worry all the time, or focus on all the joy and happiness I have going for me right now. And recently it all clicked into place for me. I have learned the art of letting go and the art of sitting in the midst of chaos while staying focused on joy. These two things I owe to ex and all the trauma his presence in my life heaped upon me.

I quite simply had no where else to go...

But up. Smile It's freeing. Not perfect and it's still an art that takes a lot of careful practice. But honestly once you get there I can promise you something-there is nothing and no one who is going to take it away from you. Smile

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It is for this very reason that I can't bring myself to regret the time I spent with my ex. I experienced more personal growth in the 3 years I spent with him than I could ever imagine experiencing otherwise. I believe everything happens for a reason.

I believe awful ex's happen to help us recognize how blessed we are when we come across something good in the future. Smile

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I can hear the microphone feedback right now!!!

Just wanted to say HI!!

Happy you're happy!!!! Smile

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Hi Sita! Was just wondering the other day how you were doing. So glad to hear you're in this wonderful place. It's amazing to be able to breathe, isn't it? Best wishes forward -

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Breathing...hmmm...not a lot of time for that actually! But I am learning how to breathe let's just say, as well as how to maintain my source of strength and keep breathing through things that used to severely affect me. I'm not even having any bad dreams anymore! Woot! Woot!

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And PS...I am just a few short months away from doing real therapy on real people! Ohmygosh! How scary is THAT? Wink

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So glad you checked back. I faithfully followed your post way back when with your formerSD and her issues. Continued best wishes on your goals, health and happiness.

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SITA!! Yay! I'm so happy you posted and that things are going so well for you!

Thank you so much for posting. I often wonder how you're doing.

BTW - you're going to be an amazing counselor!

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So glad you are doing well!!! U helped me with just typed words on on anonymous website-- you will be an amazing counselor in person!!!