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Whoa! It's been forever!

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Hello there Steptalkers!

I ventured over here to check out the site for the first time in forever tonight and noticed it's been 2 years since I checked in!

A lot is new here. Got remarried last year. Graduated with my master's in marriage and family therapy in May of this year and was accepted into the PhD program to become a counselor educator and research needs of divorced/single parent/ step families.

Checking in :)

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Hey there old timers-if there are any still around. Smile

Just wanted to pop in and say hi. Life is good. Due to start grad school this fall if my financial aid goes thru. If not I have a potential full time gig lined up.

And...I'm in love. Smile

Anyone still around who remembers Sita?

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Hi there STers...

Haven't updated in forever and a year probably.

Divorced...moved...and am slowly starting to put my life back together piece by peace.

ExH and MOW are still together. Don't really care anymore. Apparently she's still divorcing. Won't say how that info came to fall in my lap, but hopefully everyone will finally have resolution and freedom from about 3 years of chaos brought about by two people who decided their happiness was more important than dozens of others. I sincerely hope they have found it to be worth it.

Moving forward

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Hey there from a former SM.

It's official and now I am taking over "evil BM" status for the OW I suppose. I'm sure she's heard how awful and dysfunctional I am, how it's all my fault that he had to walk out on me for her. Etc etc etc. I know.

Because to a degree I heard the same tale- with the exception that they were already divorced when we started dating.

Another check in- I'm nearly there

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Coming up on the final court date- about a month away. Mixed emotions. He's still a stranger to me, someone I thought I knew but really never did. I'm not sure anyone truly knows him-even himself.

I worked last week. Hard. I taught 250 8th graders at an inner city school all week. Shakespeare. Even the remedial readers. That was actually a pleasant surprise.

Been forever....checking in

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Not sure who's still around who knows me by now but thought I'd pop in to say I'm still alive and still sitting in limbo not quite sure how long before I'm officially free of this toxicity formally known as STBX, MOW, SD, Bpd BM etc.

Can't elaborate due to negotiations still transpiring but miss everyone here and wish you all well.


am finally starting to feel so blessed that I no longer need a place to vent about a toxic blended family and all that goes along with that.

Catching up...

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Hello STers, it's been a while.

Wish I had some exciting and closure filled news from the world of Sita but I don't.

Tough time of year and little progress on a final agreement. Hard to sit in Limboland, but that's where I am today.