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MIL must be smoking crack

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MIL sends DH a message last night BEGGING to take our YDS camping with her for a week.  I was thinking I was about to have to fight with DH b/c there is no way in HELL I would ever consider that happening.  Luckily, DH was not an idiot and before I even responded he was like, "wtf?!?! No, why would she even ask us this".  We have many valid reasons to say no to this:

1) COVID - idiot MIL has acted like COVID didn't exist this entire pandemic

2) I don't trust MIL's driving (she has diabetes and has passed out on occasion)

3) I don't trust MIL to actually watch him and care for him (again she has health issues that she doesn't take care of and passes out)

4) We don't even let MIL watch any of the kids for any period of time, not even an hour here or there...

5) She will smoke around him and in the car if she has him because she is an idiot.

6) YDS has only stayed overnight with 1 person other than us, his sitter, who is like a gma to him and that was only 1 night! 

7) Apparently (IMO) the only reason she even wants to take him is so we will pay for her campsite (yeah her message after begging to take him was "the campsite will only cost you $40 a night).....mmmkay not gonna pay for this or let you take him

Ugh, I could probably provide a million more reasons but OMG, just her even asking/begging stresses me out.  DH tried to be nice and said, "YDS has never been away from us for that long and would probably freak out so I'm gonna have to go with NO to taking him"....she continued to message after that and DH ignored her. 

I guess I give DH 1 bonus point for not caving into his mother's BS for once in his life and being more worried about our son's safety.



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S p e n t a week of vacation with my own parents.

Took a few weeks to deprogram then

Just ugh!

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I'm not worried about having to deprogram him.  I'm worried about his safety with her.  She can barely care for herself!  Just UGH are my sentiments as well! LOL!

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Lord... like having the sd you have isn't trying enough..  that is what you have for a MIL?