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I'm making another prediction now. We shall see if it is correct.

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My newest prediction is that SD will remain on crutches until my wedding day.  SO and I decided to finally get married on 1/19/19.  We aren't having a big fancy wedding or anything.  Small/quick ceremony and celebrating with friends and family.  I already decided no wedding party or kid involvement b/c I know she would get up there and act a fool.  Nope, not on my day.  I am sure she will still try to cause some sort of unnecesary drama.  I expect it and I won't be paying any attention to it.  

I picked her up last Thurs (as a favor to SO b/c I was running an errand by her mom's so it really saved us on gas and time) and low and behold she was still on crutches.  I figured as much.  I knew that would last through Christmas.  I said to her, "wow, you are still on crutches, my dad recovered from an entire hip replacement faster than you are healing from this sprain!" and she replied, "yeah, I started physical therapy and fell over b/c I didn't have muscle strength in my leg.  I know the crutches are annoying, I don't like them either".....I just couldn't resist and said, "oh, I think you do!"  I know that wasn't necessary but good grief!  She's been on crutches now for over a month!!!!  I know this will be surprising also...she told SO that she should be off crutches next week.  You know after Christmas and New Years!  Imagine that!  It is so bad that SO is FINALLY seeing what me and my entire family have been seeing for years! I guess she even told SO that she didn't want to go to my dad's for Christmas Eve this year b/c no one in my family believes she is hurt anymore.  Luckily he told her too bad and she has to go and if she doesn't like it then she needs to stop being so overly dramatic with her injuries.  She did come and she sat in a recliner the entire time with her leg propped up and her crutch by her side.  She did improve enough to only need 1 crutch I guess.  No one asked about her injury and she almost looked disappointed.  Oh well!

Well yesterday BM starts texting SO about the damn trampoline AGAIN.  This time going on about how the physical therapist told SD she shouldn't be practicing flips/etc on the trampoline b/c it is so hard on her joints and makes her more susceptible to injuries.  We reminded BM that this injury happened at CHEER practice like almost every other injury so far and that maybe she should take her out of cheer instead of worrying about the trampoline that she hasn't been on b/c of her injury from CHEER!  BM then went on about how the injury is worse than they thought so they are taping it and yada yada yada.  I don't know how it could be worse when she hasn't actually used the leg in over a month!!!!  My guess is that SD went in there exaggerating the injury/pain/ROM/etc to drag this out as long as possible and make it seem more severe.  I could be wrong but I doubt it.  I also think BM enjoys the attention from this crap also.  Ugh!  Oh and BM said she can't take her out of cheer b/c she will get fat without being active.  Um, okay, cheer isn't the only way to keep her from getting she's always hurt from cheer and on crutches and not being active at all b/c of her injury!  Plus, if she is really concerned with her getting fat she should probably teach the child about portion control.  She eats from the moment she walks in our door until the moment she leaves.  Yesterday was our day to have her and the first thing she asks when she walked in, "can I eat this brownie" (deluxe brownie with icing that SO brought home from work) and of course SO allows it and then an entire bag of popcorn and then "what is for dinner?".  It is at a point that even SO is getting annoyed with it and he was like, "quit obsessing over food, you just had a snack, not sure what we are having for dinner yet".  We went back to our room and were talking and we hear SD go ask my son if he knows what is for dinner!  Really!?!? SO actually decided to ask BM if she just eats nonstop over there also and she basically said yeah that is why we need to get her off crutches! could just not let her eat constantly and teach her better habits!  Crazy thought there!  BM and SO both tried to chalk it up to "she must be growing" Hmm, okay, well that is the same excuse you have been using non stop since I met you about her poor eating habits...she is growing alright.....


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For the love of God! I can't imagine being you and dealing with this. Have mercy and hope this girl stops babying EVERY d@mn thing that happens to her......

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At this point it is comical to me now.  Especially since my family has caught on as well and they don't give her sympathy or coddling for it anymore.  I told SO that BM is taking her to the wrong dr.  She needs to be going to a therapist and addressing the real issue of attention seeking.  With BM in charge of her medical though that won't ever happen.  BM is obviously enjoying this as well.

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Have you thought about getting a 2nd opinion on this "injury"? It seems like that would be the fastest way to clear it up. If there is no swelling, no break, no nothing and you express concern that you think she is faking- you might have a doctor help you to end the drama. And this of course would mean she can get right back to that Oh So Important Cheer! LOL

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I would LOVE to get a 2nd opinion from another dr and get this cleared up.  Unfortunately SD is on BM's insurance so BM is the one constantly taking her to the dr. and relaying the diagnosis to us.  There is def no swelling or break or tear or even bruising at this point.  The MRI confirmed no tear.  Once SO and I get married I could add her to my family insurance and try that way but I don't think I want to involve myself in this mess.  I am pretty sure she has factitious disorder and her mom has factitious disorder by proxy.  At least that is my diagnosis from the internet, lol! Apparently that is hard to prove b/c the drs have to go off of the information they are receiving that she is hurting so it will likely never change.

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Your SD has me twitching!!! I had foot SURGERY and seriously was walking again (albeit slow and in a boot, and against doctor's orders...) just a few days after!!!

Also losing all muscle in a month?! To the point she can't stand?! She's so forking dramatic!!!

Also congrats on the upcoming wedding!!!! That makes me so happy for you!!!

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Exactly PA!  That was my thought also.  Plus I'm wondering what kind of quack doctor her mom is taking her too b/c most of the stuff I researched basically says that they want you moving it and using it....not staying off it for that long anyways.  It is crazy!

Thank you!  I am excited/nervous about it.  So much to plan in a short amount of time since we last minute decided to go for it.  (We have been engaged for 3 years now).

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Probalby one of the ones that's scared enough of her that he's catering to her every whim. Plus the poor dear. She's in so much pain... She can't walk... *gag*

You'll be fine! Last minute, but no matter what happens, you get to be married to the person you've wanted to be married to for years!!! So it's going to be magical!!! I can't wait to hear about it!!!

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I would lay down the law that if she isn't "healed" by the time the wedding comes, she won't be able to attend.  She needs her rest and all that excitement would hinder her healing process.  

You really need to outwit SD on this.  She has to suffer from complete loneliness and boredom at your house as long as she entertains this attentions seeking behavior.  Life goes on, fun goes on, all without her.  She needs to be motivated to make a change at YOUR house.  In fact Dad might want to tell her that life at HIS house will be boring and safe for her as long as she is injured.  There will be no excitement, no special treats or treatment for her.  She should be in her room resting.  


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^^^YES!!!! This is exactly what I have been telling SO and he is finally coming around to it and getting tired of her BS as well.  I told him that it needs to be more unappealing to be injured.  Stop treating her like royalty and fawning all over her for it.  Make her miss out on stuff.  He is definitely trying to do that more so I am grateful for that.  

My family is also over it and calling her out also.  At a previous party she was telling people she had a torn meniscus (which she doesn't) and SO and I told her to stop lying about it and trying to make it seem worse than it was and my brother said, "she's got a torn attention" was hilarious!  SD didn't seem amused but she needs to be called out at this point!  

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Congratulations on setting a wedding date! That is approaching fast - how exciting!

Why does she have crutches for a sprain instead of a walking boot? Maybe if she continues to injure herself, which is likely given her weight issues (excess fat can not just add stress to joints,  it also throw off balance during activity, leading to higher rate of injury... think of trying to move quickly with water balloons hanging from your sides), you or DH can ask for a walking boot instead of crutches?

I hope she has someone near her at your wedding that will actively keep SD’s manners in check. Maybe that could be one of your gift requests. Lol

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Thanks!  Yes, it is coming up very quickly!  We are just having a casual event so I'm not to worried about it.  I didn't want to waste a lot of money on a wedding.  I have other places I want to put that money!

It is her knee not her ankle so that is why no walking boot but at this point it should be an ace bandage and not crutches I would think.  My brother actually has a torn mensicus and his dr told him to continue using it and to stabalize it until he can have surgery to repair it!  Oh and I am sure the excess weight isn't helping and more likely the cause of stress on the joints but SO and BM seem to be in denial about her weight issues.

I'm sure that my family will keep her in check.  They are all onto her BS and over it at this point as well.  

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lol. I slipped while doing yard work and chopped my ankle down to the bone...took a chunk off the ankle bone itself...

My ankle swelled up about 4X its original size and it hurt like a mother. I hobbled to the back door and got my DH to take me to the doc in a stitched up and was back on my feet in less than a week. 

Maybe your SD has really weak muscles and bones...? 

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It is amazing how most people seem to recover from more severe injuries so much quicker than SD does!  LOL!

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she does have weak muscles and bones based on her diet of sugar/carbs/sugar and sugar on sugar!

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In the Kitchen, back of the room with a special table and chair with a churches stand.  Don’t want her to do too much moving around she may hurt herself again at the desert table. 

I would never bet against you. Congratulations on wedding date. Hope the best for you. 

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LMAO!!!!  Yes!  I love this suggestion Harry! 

Thank you!  As I'm sure you could guess the only thing that makes me a bit apprehensive is dealing with SD and HCBM for the rest of my life cause it doesn't end at 18!  

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Oh she is 100% telling the Therapist it hurts, which is why they said it's "worse than they thought". In addition to severely spraining my ankle twice, I strained my rotator cuff once. (Turns out I'm accident-prone). They do an MRI and can see the damage (I didn't have a lot, but it was visible on the MRI). I couldn't really raise my arm above my head, but I could move it ok otherwise. They told me Physical Therapy, which does take months, but if they can't see much on the MRI the severity of the injury is then based on what YOU say. The only way my Therapist would have said something like it's "worse than he thought" is if I told him I was still having pain, because He's already seen the injury in an MRI. And yeah, he wanted me to EXCERCISE it, not sit around like a slug with it propped up on something. Granted this is a shoulder vs. a knee, but the situation seems pretty similar. SD is just a damn faker, plain and simple.

Attention-seeking behavior doesn't get very far with me, I probably would have said exactly what you said and then hid the crutches.

Congrats on the wedding date though!!

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This was my thought exactly.  The MRI came back clear so they go on her "pain" and range of motion (I assume).  She must be overexaggerating it to prolong the healing.  I do realize that PT takes months but in most cases I have witnessed with others they aren't on crutches an entire month before they even start PT.  

Neither of my children fake injury or illness because they know that it won't get them any special treatment and we only go to the dr if it is an infection or needs stitches or an actual injury!

Thank you!  I'm excited!  

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Strategically placing a $50 bill on the ground where she comes by on her crutches to see what happens?  I'm betting she will have a miraculous recovery and will be able to bend her knees with no problem

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LMAO, I think a cookie would be more appealing, she won't give up the fake injury act though, my luck she would go for it and hurt her shoulder again somehow and that of course would be all our fault.  She's been doing it for far to long.  Her miraculous recovery will be after my wedding and I then predict she will be injury free again until Easter.  

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And that's why she shoult not be there.  It is a day for you and hubby, not drama queens.   If people ask about her, you just explain she injured her knee and was unable to be there.  It also cramps BM's plan to disrupt the day thru SD.  Shut that crap down quick.  Dad might play but you don't have to.   

If she must be there, have a person on call to take her back to BM the first time she complains about her knee.  She must be removed from the day so she can't ruin it for you.  

She has to learn that every fricken moment of life is not about her and she will end up a lonely person if she continues to not share the room.  

ETA:  the way her father treats his wife is role modeling behavior that SD will watch.  If he wants her to have a healthy relationship with men, then he needs to show her what that looks like with the way he puts you and your marriage first.  

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I would love it if I could convince SO that she shouldn't be there but I would be pissed if he tried to tell me that my sons weren't welcome so the best I could do is not involve them in the ceremony.  

I like the idea of removing her if she is in to much pain or whiney.  I am 100% sure that my mom or SM would love to be that person, lol, they both find her behavior super annoying and see through her little miss innocent act.  

I agree 100% and have told SO this about marriage and our relationship.  You can't allow the kids to run the show or it will never work out!

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What if you set up a hidden camera and then you leave her alone in the house for a couple of hours. I'll bet she has a one person dance off and walks around without crutches. It would be wonderful to totally bust her.

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This is actually a great idea.  I don't leave her home alone ever though.  She causes issues and I don't trust her.  One time SO convinced me to leave her home alone with BS.  I had a bad feeling about it but it was just for like 30 minutes....oh and guess what....she caused an issue.  After she got busted for watching porn with her cousin she made my son's friend the scapegoat and acted like she only looked up porn b/c she was trying to figure out some terminology his friend used while she was there.  NEVER again.  My son will not be left alone with her EVER!  

However, I could totally put 1 in her room.  She always shuts the door to her room so she probably is in there dancing around! LOL

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Life is gonna suck for her when she is in real pain someday and nobody GAF anymore.

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We have tried to explain this to her over and over.  We even had a talk with her after her "severe shoulder injury" approx a month before this knee sprain about how over exaggerating her injuries for attention would backfire.  Obviously the conversation did her no good.  Unfortunately her mommy will always GAF and basically encourage the injuries (at least that is how it seems to go).  Her mom cancelled a $500+ trip this last time.  I would have been pissed if I were her.

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save one about the skids came true.  So much so that Chef called me sarcastically "Nostradamus"

1. the fact they'd turn out to be POS.  they all have because they were spoiled and entitled growing up

2. the fact that they would never recover from the PAS; it started day one, went 24/7 and had the Gir's clan recruited

3.  the fact that they are lazy pot smokers and that SD will go through BFs like a revolving door.  Same thing with YSS who turns 16.  not sure why OSS22's GF stays with him.  He's high all the time and works a handful of hours on a smoothie truck run by one of the Gir clan.

The only thing that didn't come true was SD being preggers before 21. 

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Ha, I only mentioned my short term predicitions which so far have always come true.  I definitely think your predictions will ring true for my SD also.  I have been telling friends for years that she will end up pregnant at a young age but it won't be her fault and she will likely claim rape to get out of trouble for being pregnant at a young age.  I don't want that one to come true but I have seen how manipulative she is and how she uses people as scape goats when she does get caught.  It is disgusting!

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The Girhippo Clan..LOL

That cracks me up every time.


YOU  are hilarious, thinkthrice..



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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Wishing you and your future DH every happiness.

And it sounds like your SO doesn't pander to his squeaky wheel wanting all the attention skid so you are not gaining a Disney Daddee. Good for you!

I agree with everyone that this injury is now SD's attention getter .You are so cool dealing with it.Good that you can laugh.

Here's an idea~Maybe rent a wheelchair for the  wedding day to keep her  out of the way of everyone with her crutches and safely  sitting down. 

After reading your description of how she insists she requires the crutches after an MRI was negative  I can see her "accidently"  falling down right before the " I do's .."

No I am not  almost 100% on my predictions   like thinkthrice..

but just sayin'  after having dealt with attention seeking skids for 21 years  I would not doubt any drama on her part working to  grab all the lime light on your special day. 




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Go ahead and see my latest predicition is already shocking!