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SD complains she isn't DH's favorite

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SD13 has started guilt tripping DH at every turn when she doesn't get her way. We have a toddler and a baby and SD is in competition with them, especially the baby. This wasn't an issue when we had our first ours baby but now that we have another SD13 keeps saying "it's because I'm not your favorite anymore" and pouting when DH doesn't drop everything to do or buy anything she wants. 

Every time DH holds the baby SD13 asks for something and DH MUST DO IT RIGHT NOW or she will whine and pout that she isn't the favorite.

I got news for you SD, with your entitled and sour attitude no you are no one's favorite! Babies and toddlers have needs but we fit our time and meals around SD on her weekends and she gets alone time with DH she just can stand seeing him cuddle a baby. My toddler has more patience to wait her turn for Dad's attention. No not exaggerating. DH is not playing favorites. I almost wish he would because SD is an endless pit if want and no matter what DH gives she isn't satisfied. 

Just like BMs think they are the the golden uterus that must be honored and obeyed because they dropped a kid, Skids think they must be the honored golden child because they were first, no matter what shi**y attitude they have. 

Im sick of it, SD isn't happy unless she is getting special treatment better than everyone else. Even at restaurants she has to obnoxiously order a custom meal each time and make a big deal of it and then complain all meal that the plain grilled chicken is too bland and oh can I have half your meal? But only the good part. ARGH. 

DH has no problem telling her no for most of her whims but the dramatic pouting is getting old so quick.


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I understand your frustration but honestly, it's up to your husband to nip this behaviour in the bud and try to determine what's causing it. Maybe she's just jealous because she doean't live with her father and she's feeling replaced. 

You also said that you have a SIL who keeps asking your husband whether SD is his favourite in front of SD. So it could be that this SIL is indirectly encouraging SD's behaviour and stirring the pot.

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You're totally correct that SIL has infected SD with her insecurity. I suspect SD was fine with the first ours baby because that was before SIL started pushing this favorite thing and hammering it in that she is a poor damaged child of divorce. She was better adjusted before.

DH does his best to shut it down and ignore it but she just sees that as evidence that she isn't his favorite!

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"How lucky for you SD that when you were a baby there wasn't a teenager demanding your dad ignore you to pay attention to her RIGHT NOW. How fortunate that you got your dad's undivided attention. It's too bad your younger siblings don't get the same advantage."

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Yes, exactly! I'm assuming SD also has a mother who gives her attention when she is with her. This behavior sounds like manipulative teenage drama BS and if it's catered to, it will only grow. Yes, she should get attention. But - if *this* behavior gets her more attention, the demand will probably just grow exponentially. 

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This is what I say to SS11, or some version. Basically I tell the older children whining about the other children that they had this same attention when they were this age.

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And Munchkin Sd14 have this issue as well.

So its not just steps, its bios as well! Crappy kids do crappy things.

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Oh great, another one who's going to be a different gender or whatever every day of the week. 

Theres advantages to being the oldest and advantages to being the younger siblings and having older parents. Shes gonna have to learn to play the hand she was dealt.

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DH:  No, SD, you're not my favorite.  None of my children are my favorite,  I love all of them equally.  Cut the crap.

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yep I give the helpless baby more attention than you.    too ain't fair and sometimes you need more attention and sometimes your sibling does.  Get used to it..your WHOLE freaking life is going to be like this.  Now knock it the eff off or I will start treating you like a baby you think you want to be.  

Oh the mall to shop..sorry no can do your a baby....wait can do a baby doesn't get a phone. ....TV/streaming..nope no can do...a baby doesn't watch tv....and on and on and on...oh have to go to bed at 7 p.m. your a baby remember.

BTDT with GWR....who to this day is jealous over SD....anything that SD gets attention or otherwise.