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OT Funny - "Family Member"

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One of our good friends is great, but asks a lot of questions. My DH is a bit of a bragger and name dropper, but as soon as someone asks enough questions it becomes evident he's full of it. I think he just expects people to be impressed and then leave it at that. My DH dug himself in a hole yesterday and I let him do it because it was entertaining >:D

Discussing sports, which I don't particularly care about... They were discussing the possibility of going to a game.

DH: (bragging) I have a family member that works for the owner of (team). 

Hmmm DH is talking about BMs sister's husband, I didn't know he still considered an ex BIL by marriage as a family member. 

Friend: Wow that is so cool! Have you ever met (owner)?

DH: He was in the same box as us once (describes food and drinks and whatnot... Trying to change the subject)

Friend: Wow DH you know everyone, Seeyounever what did you think of (team owner)?

Me: This was before I was around

Friend: You haven't taken Seeyounever to a game?? We need to fix that. Can your family member get us tickets? 

DH: I'm not that close with that family member anymore...

Friend: Oh why not?

DH is beginning to look desperate, it was clear he didn't want to explain who this person was and why exactly they no longer talked but our friend kept asking questions. I know DH saw me smiling at his struggle. I'm not rescuing you babe. Humph, if you consider your ex BIL a family member then that means you consider BM a family member and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

DH: We kind of had a falling out (I'll say)

Friend: Well you need to fix that so we can get some tickets to a game! Right Seeyounever?

Doofus, this is what happens when you try to name drop your ex wife's sister's husband's boss *rolls eyes*







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I see you took out the petty post above :).  Obviously with your concluding sentence of "doofus" and eyeroll you've succeeded in disengaging, so good for you.  You watched your DH dig the hole, dig it deeper and then pull the dirt inside after himself.  LOL.  Hopefully he learns to think before he speaks, and you didn't have to say a word for him to get the lesson!

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Yes I finally learned to use the delete button! I do apologize it took me so long, I didn't realize it was an option.

It was pretty funny to watch the realization wash over him that he was choking on his own foot ahahaha. I do think he misses some of BMs family members that he had to stop talking to them due to the divorce. He seemed to like the men but said the women were all soap opera villainesses.