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Ignores us IRL likes us on social media

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My SD15 will not talk to DH or me and also refuses to visit us.

However I've just noticed that she likes everything I post on Instagram within hours of when I post.

I'm not super active on social media. I use Facebook as a sort of photo gallery for my friends and family that live in other states. I don't comment much and I don't post much other than for big events and it's just family photos. SD isn't on Facebook and that's no surprise since I don't know many people who are under 30 that are!

My Instagram is not super exciting either I only use it to post pictures of my hobbies, gardening, houseplants, baked goods, paintings... Stuff like that. I treat Instagram as more of a creative portfolio. There aren't any pictures of me or my family on it. I follow a few people that I know but mostly Instagram is a bunch of creative accounts that align with my hobbies. 

My DH follows SD on Snapchat and she posts there once in awhile usually the same reels as Instagram and that is where she interacts with MeddlesomeSIL the most. I don't do Snapchat. SD also is very active on TikTok but neither DH or I have that due to the security concerns.

SD15 is on Instagram and we follow each other. She doesn't post much of anything other than selfie and music quote reels that she only leaves up for a couple hours. I don't interact with her because BM is also on Instagram and I know she watches everything that SD15 posts like a hawk.

SD15 likes every single thing that I post. I have to admit I don't really speak teenager, does this mean she doesn't really hate us? I'm probably overthinking it.

My Instagram is public because it's just sharing creative images no personal pics but that means BM has probably looked at it too.



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I dont know much or use social media but my guess is it's a positive sign.  I'd keep up with your usual practice and hope for the best.  But, again, I think its a sign of interest and perhaps connection.

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I agree that wtih Agedout. She is probably using it as a nudge... Remember me?

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If you like somebodies pictures it ensures you stay in their feed, she's probably being nosy checking to see what you are up to and by liking the photos she's guaranteed to see when you post.

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Yep.  Or she doesn't even realize its you.

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When I was on Instagram a few years ago it didn't matter who's stuff you liked, I don't think it meant anything as far as who's posts showed up. Has that changed now? 

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I don't know much about instagram but my guess is that she is trying to appear popular and "nice".

I don't have the energy for drama, even to the extent of wondering what someone is up to, so I'd block her if possible.


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Probably to act courteous. Sometimes i give a courtesy like to ppl that I dont necessarily talk to on a daily basis to say "we have not spoken in a while but I miss you and still think about you". Thats me but she could be different. My cousin likes everyones posts that come up on her timeline. She scrolls and likes it all....that could be what your SD is doing

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I think you're right! I have seen her doing it, swipe tap swipe tap swipe tap... Such a quick motion I doubt to even registers that it was me that made the post.


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My step kids do the swipe tap as well. Sooo quickly. I found it so strange , they don't actually look at anything it's a quick scroll while just tapping everything. No idea why they do this. 

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Its just to have a high engagement and hope to receive more likes in return. A like for like system kinda....

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Better than nothing like our PAS'd out OSD19 (she was still on my social media when she left).  YSD doesn't have any social media as she flees at the littlest sign of "technology" (she'll have a hard time in the real world, but what do I know, right?).

OSD ignored my posts, but then would use them against DH, i.e. "you never did THAT with me" or "you didn't invite ME" another other nonsense. I eventually removed her from them after a couple rounds of it.

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Skids are either being polite or collecting ammunition.

Both happened for me on instagram.

SD16 PS was just being nice.

SD 23 FF was collecting information to use to create drama.

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Well hopefully she is just being nice, I'll let her say something first if she wants to. She won't be finding any ammo on me on there.

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I posted a picture of me and husband and a friend at a REALLY nice top level restaurant, and SD23 Feral Forger saw it, and it was around when her bday happened, and she complained to Toxic Troll BM that "husband can take his wife out to a fancy place, but doesnt get anything for his OWN CHILD". This very same child that never spoke two words to him except when she needed something.

His reponse was nice though "If my wife wants to take me out to a nice dinner Im not going to say no". Took the wind out of her sails, for about a minute.

So, you may not THINK something is ammo, and then it becomes ammo...  Sad

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