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Whiney step son

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<p>I have been with this man since his son was 6-8 months old I have a son of my own that was around 5 or 6 when we got together​ now my son is&nbsp; turning 8 this year and his son is almost 1 1/2 years​ old and we had 2 girls together one is 1 year and 3 months the other is 3 months old. He and his ex wife share split custody and he seems to get whinier as he gets older and now he&#39;s starting to back talk and have attitude. I don&#39;t look forward to him coming over at all and I want to change that but have tried unsuccessfully. I told my husband I wanted to get a tattoo with the kids names a month ago and the first thing he said was are you gonna put my son&#39;s name to of course I felt obligated to say yes but I have no bond with him at all&nbsp; i have tried though and don&#39;t really want to put his name permanently tattooed on me is this wrong? I feel like he is being pushed on me and as he gets whinier I push farther away I can&#39;t stand it when people baby they&#39;re kids to the point that they won&#39;t do anything for themselves and that&#39;s what this situation consists of. I just want my kids names on me right now but have a feeling I will have to tell my husband to just forget about the tattoo.</p>


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If he wants HIS Son's name tattooed HE can get it. Nobody wants to think about it but what if you end up divorced?

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I keep thinking about this and honestly it makes me mad. NO WAY you should have to get his son's name tattooed on you. If you really want to get your kids tattooed, do it. 

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That sounds like a much bigger issue than a tattoo.

SS is not yet 18 months old.  Sounds pretty normal to me. I did laugh when you mentioned SS beginning to backtalk. At least he's verbal, which my own son was not at that age.*scratch_one-s_head*

Hope that your BF has some good parenting classes under his belt to effectively parent so many babies under 2 years old. 

I'll bet that you must feel overwhelmed some days also. Can you hire a "mother's helper" a few days each week to help you?



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Coming from someone who has and loves tattoos.

As someone who wouldn’t get their first spouse’s (of 15 years) name tattooed in their flesh. As someone who will not get their current spouse’s name tattooed on them...

No. Hell to the no.

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Just forget the name tattoo. Why why why? Are you afraid you will forget your children's names? I don't get it. Find something that symbolizes your children and have that tattooed on your body. Then no one will get pissy because they didnt make the list.