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Dear Senior Presidente O/T

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I am not voting for you.

This is two years in a row you have done this and frankly I have had enough. Seems like once a year you blow into this town just to make yourself feel popular. Due to our being blessed with your presence the following has occurred today.

a) the airport got shut down
b) The interstate was:
1) a mass of wrecks due to all the detours put in place for you
2) shut down for three hours while you gave a "speech" to a few thousand blue hairs who likely do not have enough memory left to remember to vote for you. Those that do have gray matter left, are hard core good old boys, trust me, you are not who they are voting for.
c) traffic is still a nightmare using the detours. I had one employee in a wreck due to you, four late to work and another two who gave up and went home after being stuck in traffic for two hours. (I can't blame them).

All of this is after I encouraged employees to come in very early (some arrived at 5am) or very late (start at noon or later) and my number one choice was if you have the ppo time, take the day off you will hate traffic this day.

So for all your promises of making jobs sir: today you prevented many people from getting to the jobs they already had. Why? Because you know the little blue haired ladies will make a fuss over you? Make you feel popular and important? We know it is not the young voters your after (not in this town anyway, there aren't any!) and you sure didn't come here to debate: remember last year when you had a guy arrested (he spent two weeks in jail for disagreeing with you).

With all due respect sir: bite me! Go to a larger city or a smaller one, go muck up their traffic for a change.

Sincerely voting none of the above,

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i didn't vote for his ass the first time and i won't this time either. but he'll probably get enough registered illegals and dead people to win again... so scary!

i am assuming your speaking of I-95, it's a nightmare with out the extra crap.

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Considering I just read a news story the other day about a cat being called in for Jury duty and a dog getting a voters reg card, nothing would surprise me.

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oh yeah, he hit this side, too ~ he was in wpb early this am.

yeah, and you have to be a us citizen to be president. wtfever.

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He landed here at 10. And was causing chaos since 5am when they started shutting down streets in preparation for his arrival. Friend of mine lives within blocks of where he was giving his speech, she had to call off work today because every street around her apt/ condo was closed down.

Literally the sheriffs dept and secret service would not let her leave to go to work!

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He was in San Antonio the other day. Landed at the airport even though we have 3 military bases in this city and shut down traffic from the Airport to Downtown and then up to the Dominion. It was his biggest fundraiser to date.

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**waving hi from pbg** yeah. the century village stop was just a cover for the Manalapan $$$ stop - - - -

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Oh, come on now. Don't drink the Kool aid. The man is a US citizen and if you're believing Rush or Fox news that he's not then I truly believe your tagline that "the high road gives me a fucking nosebleed". We can all agree to disagree about politics on here but let's all agree to save the mudslinging for the horrible BM's and their families or people in our families that don't support us in being steps. I think we can all agree there's enough hatred toward them that we don't need to bring the election into this?

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I don't think it's wrong to post about politics either, I am a political junkie.

But when people start posting about "illegals" and our president not being a citizen, it seems kind of hostile. Happy to have a discussion.

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thank you:

"Issues are only caused when people feel their opinion is the only "RIGHT" opinion and they insist on shoving their opinion down everyone's throat- "

and super thank you:

" I didn't vote for him either!"

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I'm sick of politicians in general. Both sides. They both suck. Too many lobbyists and corporations lining the pockets of the jerks on our state and federal level.

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Oh and wait until Mr. Romney comes in, he'll have Secret Service protection as well.

This election season is going to suck the big one for everyone.

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C68, i agree with everything you said and i believe many others do, as well. but it seems there are more voters that milk the system than not, so we are where we are today. smh in disgust and sadness.

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My DH has dual citizenship. We have seriously discussed moving to the the country of his birth (I'm half of this ethnicity). Either after his daughter graduates from HS or after my parents pass (traveling to see them would be difficult at best).

Unfortunately, that country is now being hit with the same economic nightmare as most other European countries using the Euro. So we wait......

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I live in San Antonio and have lived in two other border states, so illegal issues are always around.

My entire house and neighborhood were built by illegals. My pool, put in by illegals. It sucks when you pay big $$$ to these American builders/business owners and then then they just shell out the work to different illegal crews. I think I saw my builder two or 3 times during the whole building process, otherwise we would be lucky to have someone that spoke English on the crew.

ETA: My home and pool are gorgeous. The workmanship is not the issue.

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It's aways the same thing. Big government versus small government. I hate the fact that the voting options are usually idiots and you end up voting for the lesser of two evils which still doesn't fix anything. Who ever ends up becoming president usually never follows through with their promises or doesn't divulge the "actual" important details of said promises until after it's to late.

It's like the whole "change" promise. What change? More people without jobs? More national debt? More wars that we'll never win and are a drain on our economy? I just don't get it. It was never supposed to be this way. The state governments were actually supposed to carry more weight than the federal government and the federal government was supposed to be there to support state governments. WTH happened.

And I think that it's morally wrong for the government to be able to force people to get health insurance. Not that people who can afford it shouldn't have it but it's not up to the government to make that decision. The only good thing that's coming from the whole national health care thing is that you can't be denied due to a pre existing condition.

But, WTH do I know. I just help pay there salaries and fund there wars and whatever else they want.

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If anything, he's only enabled the moochers in our society. If we want to get rid of the entitlement culture that seems to have such a strong hold on so many BMs and SKs, we can do our part to change it by voting Obama out in 2012.

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"If we want to get rid of the entitlement culture that seems to have such a strong hold on so many BMs and SKs, we can do our part to change it by voting Obama out in 2012."

So voting Obama out will change the attitudes of our SKs and BMs? We have had entitled people around way before Obama came to office. Way to blame him for all our problems though...

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I've got to say, the way most of you talk about BM's getting too much money and barely scraping by as a family of your own with your steps and how unfair the "system" is, I would think you'd ALL be liberals! Don't you see that if the top 1% [which is about 400 families in this country, BTW] who are making 99% of the income in this country paid equivalent taxes as the rest of us, we could pay for more social services which would lift a lot of people out of poverty and allow more workers in the welfare office who are trained to recognize who is really in need and who is not? Right now the system is stretched so thin that only the manipulative can make it on to the welfare system by being sneaky. With more trained workers, they’d eliminate the “freeloaders” and assist those who are truly ill and unable to do for themselves.
“The Illegals” as someone so nicely referred to them have been proven to not be taking US jobs because us North Americans are apparently too good to go pick apples or landscape or clean hotels. It’s been measured by independent researchers and US poor would rather sit on their butts waiting for Social Security than do manual labor. Also, North American farmers have come out and said that without immigrants, they wouldn’t be able to harvest their crops because North American’s feel like they’re above that kind of work and would rather seek government assistance. Illegals aren’t seeking government assistance because they are NOT LEGAL. They don’t want to be deported; they just want to change your hotel sheets and work under the table and send some money home.
Frankly, with the poor state of our economy, those illegals you fear aren’t even coming here. They’re going home to where their skills will earn them more money than working under the table in the US. For the first time in a long time, illegal immigration is zero.