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O/T: What's the Best Family Comedy sitcom ever IYO????????

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I would have to vote for the Cosby Show or the Jetsons!


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My families home movies!

Or ....... Home Improvement!

There are several we have enjoyed over the years. In the 70's there was the Waltons and Happy Days, in the 80's umm the one with Vallery Bertinelli, in the 90's Cosby, the one with the Servers and the one with Michael J. Fox, in the 2000's, Home Improvement.

But my favorite is definately Home Improvement.

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If you wanna know what sitcom family I most relate my OWN family to while growing up I’d have to say Roseanne… Dan and Roseanne Connor were my mom and step dad to a “T”!!! Hard working, blue collar, the BEST Halloween parties on the block… ahhh… growing up lower middle class… can you beat it?

But funniest…?
Married With Children was a pip in the 80’s…
does The Simpsons count… still love that one!

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Let's see: Family Ties, Growing Pains, Eight is Enough, the Waltons and sure, I'll give you Roseanne. Hmmm.....anymore?


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I rewatched every single episode of the Cosby Show while in college. I LOVE Roseanne and watch it whenever it comes on. I also like Family Guy, but I'm not very easily offended.

I loved Growing Pains and Family Ties back in the day.

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I like 8 simple rules, and grounded for life. 8 simple rules was better before John Ritter passed away (RIP). Still a good show though.

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Roseanne rocked---loved Cosby as a kid. Home Improvement is classic. Arrested Development was real good though only lasted couple of seasons. Little House on the Prairie. I cannot think of any "step" shows that have worked though.