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DH proud of Bully Son!

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DH took a call last night from his other family. I could hear them squealing with excitement from aross the room. Apparently, SS11 and his band of brothers-from-another-mother beat some poor kid senseless because the kid insulted SS's b-ball skills. BM was so proud. DH is so proud and even told SD so. But the celebration didn't stop there. DH proceeded to call and/or text every number in his cell phonebook to brag about how his son is, in fact, a bruiser! So, take that all ye who dared call SS effiminate. He's not girly or a sissy....he's a neanderthal! DH has yet to say anything to me about the incident because I'm quite certain he already knows what my reaction will be and he doesn't want anyone raining on his parade.

You know, I wish I knew the parents of that poor kid. It would be a shame if SS, DH and BM found out how serious this really is... Wink


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Echo, please don't mistake my use of the words "effiminate" or "sissy" as an inference that SS is gay. I'm well aware that gays come in all shapes, sizes and colors, just as heteros. And yes, there are some dudes out there who could take my husband. However, as far as the family suing, that's probably what needs to happen and maybe a vacay at JuV for the little Rocky Balboa.

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Maux, you know, I've been waiting for some isanity like this. All the indications that this kid will be a psycho, sociaopath are there. I've been sayig for years that he needs professional help. I am so sorry that your son went through that. He sounds like a great kid, sticking up for someone else that way.

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Good reason for not having joint assets. Sounds like proud DAD will be spending time in the future visiting with Bruiser at some lock up facility.

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I hope the kid presses charges. See how funny it is when he is in trouble with the law and has to get a lawyer. Your DH is a fool for thinking this is great.

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Pathetic! You know, it sounds like a stupid neighbor I have. She is the one always reading the Bible to us in every meeting and get-together...She was telling us how PROUD she was that her grandson, age 6, had told her there was a kid at school that was bugging him and that next time he was going to beat him until he drew blood!!! She thought it was funny...yes, amazing.

Fast forward a few weeks and she is in my home telling me how the kid got into a fight at school and that she spoke to him on the phone and he told her that "he beat the hell out of the kid..." and that her son was going to pick him up. She was truly laughing, while I was telling her, "that's really shouldn't be laughing, really..." 30 minutes later the lady comes with her 6yr old and BLOOD DRIPPING DOWN HIS FACE, his SHIRT is ALL BLOODY and she is hysterical!!! lol I felt so bad for this little boy. She was ticked and telling me "LOOK AT WHAT THEY DID TO MY GRANDSON!" To which I replied, "funny, you laughed when you thought HE had beat up the other kid and now you are upset because YOUR grandchild also got beat up?"

There are plenty of bullies where I live. My son being autistic has been bullied more than once. I have no tolerance for it. Some parents here have told me "YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN...because they have good parents and they are just kids". My response? "NO, kids whose parents would kick their behind if they bullied someone DO NOT do whose parents think it's funny, DO THIS...and if they don't do anything about it, I WILL...and I will call the COPS or get a lawyer if the crappy parents do nothing." Needless to say, I am the witch where I live. Funny, isn't it?

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HWGA, I'm just waiting for DH to ope the door. I'm going to walk right through it and tell him what an idiot he's making of himself and his son. Its times like these that I c ansee how he an BM were once compatible. She was just as amused as he.

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Wow. Just wow. He ganged up on a kid w/his friends and bum rushed him, and your husband is PROUD? I always taught my kids to stick up for themselves, unfourtunately they'll be people in life who don't like you and you can't run forever. But I always taught them too to stick up for the underdog and NEVER bully, and bullies are cowards. I'll never forget the pride I felt watching Perfectson at the kitchen table, patiently doing homework with his dyslexic friend. Character is everything to me.

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You sure you don't have a CLONE of GG at your house???!! When GG received a notice from school that Brainiac, his oldest,(SS15) was suspended for two days for fighting, he practically LEPT for joy! He's clinging onto the hope that his son is NOT bi or gay. Somehow fighting in school "de-sissifies" a child. Hmmm, well his DAUGHTER is as butch as all get out, so that's ok if she fights in school, too. Chip off the ol' block!!

He's totally disturbed at the fact that my now grown bios did very well in school and never got into any trouble; that I SUCCESSFULLY parented as a SINGLE MOM WITH ZERO CHILD SUPPORT and NEVER ALIENATED my ex-husbands. . .in DIRECT contrast to his previously enjoyed va jay jay, who gets massive CS from him, is a PASinator and can't even parent.

He implied that my son was a "dweeb" for getting excellent grades and doing well in school.

BTW his kids are ALL failing (life as well as school)

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Needless to say, I was floored! And I totally believe in standing up for yourself and not being a pushover, but give me a break. I'm not above fighting back, but this is outright bullying!

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There is a huge difference between standing up for one's self and assaulting someone as part of a group for a perceived slight.

This kid and his BBAMs should be spending the evening in jail and your DH and his idiot redneck buddies should be there with them for supporting this crap.

My own SS was the target of an older kid who liked to bully him when he was in ~2nd grade. My son would come home with bruises on his neck because this kid would sit behind him on the bus and choke him. I finally counseled my son that the next time the kid did it to reach back grab one of his ears and tear it off of the kid's head. He actually took that advice and tore the kid's ear partly off of his skull. It took a notable number of stitches to reattatch the kids ear. A few days later the kid's dad knocked on our door with his bandaged kid in tow and tried to hand me the hospital bill. I called my son to the front door, showed the guy his bruised neck from where his son had repeatedly choked a younger and somewhat smaller kid and told the man that I would not be paying the bill.

The man dragged his kid down the street forcibly. He obviously had not been informed of the choking issue.

As I said, there is standing up for yourself and then there is assault.

The difference between the two is situational. What you describe is assault.

IMHO of course.