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Quick Question for everyone.....

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How far (mileage) do you travel for EOW visitation?


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SD lives in NC and we live in VA. DH used to do all the driving. Court order as of 2008 - DH drives 1.5 hours one way for pickups on Friday and 1.5 hours one way for drops offs on Sunday.

Total 3 hours on Friday and 3 hours on Sunday.

Much better then the 6.5 hours on Fridya and 6.5 hours on Sunday when he was doing all the driving.

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Ours is about 40 miles round trip. We drive there and back 2-3 times per week for visits and then however many times for kid events. My DH never misses a choir concert, band concert, kid award ceremony, first day of school, last day of school. It's a quality that I admire in him until money is tight then it's just annoying.

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Poor hennypen!!!

35 miles each way.. about an hour (depending on traffic, sometimes 1-2 hrs) eowe, eot and, if no traffic that's about 16 hrs a month ~~ glad my ass doesn't do any of the d/o or p/u

bm will meet 1/2 way once in a blue fucking moon, ONLY if it benefits her in some way.

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My boyfriend drives 3 hours roundtrip both to pick up and drop off...they are supposed to meet halfway but BM I guess doesn't want to so my boyfriend ends up doing all of the driving. I stopped going to dropoffs a few months ago...just because she doesn't feel like making the trip doesn't mean I should have to give up one of the two days I have off a week! My life is important also and I have things that need to get accomplished...this has not been so well received by either my boyfriend or his parents.

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We drive 90 miles round trip on Friday and Sunday. BF is "green" and doesn't have a car. He doesn't get it that if someone is driving it is not "green". Well I am sure he gets it he is just cheap and knows we wont keep the kids from seeing him. I end up doing the majority of the transportation.

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For us it was 16 hour round trip EOW!
Four hours to meet halfway Friday, four hours to get home only to repeat on Sunday.
As part of the PAs campaign the bm moved the girls to the furthest corner of the state (shortly after our son was born). She thought by this move that Dh would have EOW taken away and only get visitation in the summer and part of chrismas. Judge said NO WAY and let him keep EOW. Girls eventually PASed out and stopped visiting altogether. CS ended last year.

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around 75 miles per visit period which means every weekend because the boys are currently living one in each house. We will find out if that changes this next week and maybe if we are lucky this after noon after the attorney meeting.
BF also drives midweek for visits both directions and then for therapy sessions. All transport is to be split but Bm refuses.

chauk up another contempt charge.

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We have never lived closer than 1500 miles to BioDad so we don't drive for visitation. My SS flies for his visitation (5wks Summer, ~1wk Winter, 1wk Spring).

The judgement says that each party is responsible to get the child to their location. So, the SpermClan flies him from our home to them and we fly him back at the end of visitation.

The judgement also says that any time we live within 200miles of BioDad the EOWE visitation schedule applies. Both parties are still responsible for transporting the kid to their own location.

The good news is that SS is 17, just graduated from HS and will be leaving on his last ever court ordered visitation in a couple weeks. Once we get him home from this visitation we will block all calls from them, not take any mail and pretty much ignore them for ever.

We have been doing this visitation thing since he was 1yo.

Best regards.

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dh's USED to be (he moved the next town over to SD last week which is about 20 miles now & hes working on getting sd every weekend now) 60 miles to the halfway point so 120 miles round trip EOWE. Lived about 100 miles from bm.

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Zero miles. Kids take the bus to BM's house on her weekends and then ride it to MIL's house where we pick them up Monday afternoon.

In summer, there is that much EOW going on. DH meets BM and it's about 12 miles to the town where we all work. So, no miles really.