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Just got back from 2 weeks of vacation, renewing vows with my best friend and beautiful bride of 20 years, seeing the kid, etc..

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I am an incredibly fortunate man. I just had the absolute amazing pleasure and blessing of renewing vows with my incredible scary/wicked smart bride of 20 years. The kid officiated and did a great job. 20 years ago he cried for his mom during our wedding. He was one happy kid when we stopped the ceremony and brought him up to the alter with us. He was an amazing 2yo and is just as amazing at 22. He truly is the most incredible gift my wife has given me. Being his dad for the past 20 years has been the a truly awesome blessing.

Sure, we had the struggles with the toxic toothless moron Sperm Idiot and Sperm Clan. We raised a young man of honor, intellect, and character in spite of the shallow and polluted end of his gene pool. We are proud of him. I am proud to be his dad.

The trip was a testament to how fortunate I am. An amazing bride and life partner, a son to be incredibly proud of, a mom and dad that have proven every day of the past 50 years that I truly won the parent lottery.

Of course the event could not go without some pollution by the Sperm Clan. When they found out that the kid was in town (we renewed our vows in my brides home town which unfortunately is the heart of Sperm Land) they started whining that they wanted to see him. They even wanted him the evening of our wedding day. Fortunately the kid can keep the toxic moronic dipshits in line and shut that shit down in a hurry.

To ease the pressure on the kid we had purchased his round trip ticket so he could spend the weekend before he left with them. He held them to the weekend though Sperm Grandma tried her usual bullshit by playing the guilt card "but I leave on a weekend trip on Friday... I won't get to see youoooooooooooo" Not in these exact words but the message the kid gave her was "Tough shit Grandma." They are such idiots that they can conveniently overlook the fact that we bought his ticket. They have not done shit for anything to facilitate a relationship with him at all since he aged out from under the CO at 18 but have no issue trying to infringe on our celebration by leveraging benefit from our dime spent bringing him to participate in our family celebration. I texted the Sperm Idiot, told him to back off and get his asshole mother under control or send me a check for the kids plane ticket. He shut Sperm Grandma down.

Grinding their worthless POS asses under my heel felt just as good after 20 years as it did the first time I shredded them in court two weeks after we married. God how I love barring their useless POS idiot asses. }:) }:) }:) It was a wedding gift I was not expecting. I should have expected that they would play their usual bullshit but, I wasn't. Some surprises are truly enjoyable. }:) Biggrin Dirol

My amazing bride will be home in a couple of weeks. Her youngest cousin gets married at the end of the month so she stayed in the states to attend that. Until them she is hanging out with my parents and our niece and the next couple of weekends with the kid.

I am truly a blessed man. Even with the toxic Sperm Clan eternally in the picture I am blessed.

Another celebration is upcoming for us. My bride is being adopted by her daddy. The adoption order has been submitted and is awaiting Judge's signature. We should have the signed papers in hand in the next week or two before my bride returns home. Hopefully she can give the papers to her dad in person when she is there for her cousin's wedding.

Her bio dad was killed in a car accident before my MIL knew she was pregnant with my bride. My FIL was an old friend of the family who had dated my MIL's sister in HS. He was there when MIL returned from Germany (MIL and my bride's bio dad were living in Germany. Bio dad was in the Army). FIL was in the delivery room when his eldest daughter was born. MIL and FIL married when DW was 2mos old. They never did paperwork. Mainly because of the VA survivor benefits my bride received from her bio dad but mostly because papers were not necessary. FIL has been my brides dad since she was born just as I have been my son's dad since his mom and met and started dating when he was 15mos old. Being a REAL dad has nothing to do with biology and everything to do with commitment to a marriage, action as a caring and involved parent, setting the example of a viable adult for the child to emulate, and holding kids accountable for meeting reasonable behavioral and performance expectations.

And that is what I did on my summer vacation. Biggrin


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Amen, Rags.

You are a testament to the possibilities that can happen with strength, consistency, and proactviity in not only parenting but stepparenting,

Congratulations to you and your Bride.

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Ooops. I forgot the most important part. My bride looked amazingly HOT in her beautiful dress. Nummmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is an amazing beauty.

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Rags... you DO have a way with words, don't you? Wink

Congrats on your ceremony, and I'm glad you got to so thoroughly enjoy your vacation!