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My FIL passed yesterday AM

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Yesterday at 10:45 AM Central Time we got the call I have been expecting for a number of years now.  My FIL passed yesterday AM.  He did it his way as he did most things.

He had a great conversation with  my Bride on Saturday  for an hour and they continued their unique bond.  She is his eldest of 4 though he is not her BioDad.  My MIL's first husband, my bride's BioDad, was killed in a single car accident a few days before my MIL found out she was pregnant with my bride.  My FIL and his family were close family friends with my MIL and her family.  When she returned home after her first DH's death FIL was there for her throughout her pregnancy and was in the delivery room when my bride was born.  She was the flower girl at their wedding when she was 2mos old.  She is truly his daughter and they have a much closer relationship than even my FIL and MIL had and far closer than the relationship with any of his three younger BKs.

Our son called his grandparents on Saturday evening and he and my FIL spoke for quite a while.  In  hind site I think Saturday was his day to say goodbye, express his love and prepare to go.  He was tired.  Years of  home dialysis, degrading cardio health, and inability to be the bullet proof get it done kind of guy that he was wore on him to the point where he was done.  His fear was dying at home and having my MIL find him and have to deal with it. So yesterday AM he woke up, took yet more Nitro to be able to get to the car, woke my MIL and told her he was having severe chest pains and to pull the car up to the front door and get him to the hospital.

He walked into the ER and immediately went into cardiac arrest.

His last act was to protect his wife from the trauma of his passing at home.

Thanks for blessing my world by sharing your incredible daughter with me and for making a place for me in your family.  Until we meet again Sir.



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A lovely tribute to FIL , Rags. 

Thoughts and prayers to your wife and your family. 

Your wife was very fortune to have such a wonderful gentleman in her life. As was your son and yourself. 

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Rags, I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my father about a month ago, so I really feel for you and your wife. It is never easy, regardless of how they go. He sounds like a truly wonderful man and I am sure he will be terribly missed.

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I am so sorry for his passing Rags. He really sounded like an amazing father and husband. I'm glad he got his goodbyes and that he was able to protect his wife the way he wanted to. Give your son and wife some hugs.

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I’m sorry for your loss Rags. A great man like that leaves a void when he leaves this world. It sounds like you all were blessed by being able to share his time here. {{hugs}}

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I am so sorry for your and your family's loss, it sounds like he was an amazing man.

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Wow, that made me tear up.  What a wonderful man.  Sorry for your loss!  I'm glad he was able to say his good byes.  

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Grateful your family was blessed to have someone like this; wonderful tribute post honoring his life and how he positively impacted so many dear to you. My sympathies for you and your lovely wife as you mourn this wonderful man. 

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You were all lucky to have him...and he lucky to have you. Your post is an eloquent tribute.

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So sorry to learn of your FIL's passing Rags. He sounds like a wonderful, selfless man who looked out for the ones he loved until the end.  What a beautiful testimony.... thinking of you and your family.

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Hi Rags. My sincerest condolences to you and your family. 

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Thanks everyone. I will share your sentiments with my bride.  She will appreciate it as much as I do.

It looks like that funeral will be Saturday 30-June.  It will be a bitter sweet week.  The last thing we did before I dropped my bride off at the airport to fly home to be with her family was get a POA so I could sign for  her when we close on our new home on Friday 29-June.  I will head straight to the airport after closing on Friday AM to get to Oregon for the funeral on Saturday.

It will be nice to get my wife back to TX and her new home after the funeral. 

Life can be bitter sweet some times.

Thanks again.