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Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy thanks giving to STalkers around the world.

The kid was supposed to join us yesterday but it looks like he will not arrive until this afternoon.  He is apparently stuck in traffic between Kaiserslautern  and Schladming where we are celebrating in the Alps with friends.  Not unusual for anything planned with him.  However, he works and tends to get involved in things that disrupt personal plans.  So, his mom might let him live for cutting into her kid time.  Maybe.

I hope your holiday festivities are drama free and that your family gatherings are full of feast favorites and warm family time..... and football.



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 "Kaiserslautern  and Schladming"   WOW! I don't know what are these places, but they sound amazing.  and to spend Thanksgiving in the Alps? so cool! 

Turkey is in the oven and starting to smell good.  Happy Thanksgiving!