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My bio is being tested for the gifted program at school and dh is acting like a dick about it...

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On Tuesday I received some much welcome and exciting news. My youngest bio son(7) is being tested for the gifted program at school. He scored very high on this last round of standardized testing and the letter indicated they would like to do some additional assessment. I couldn't have been more proud!

As many of you know my oldest son(11) has high-functioning Autism, so you can see this was a very uplifting moment for our family. I have struggled to help my eldest so much with his education that occasionally it feels as if my youngest gets lost in the shuffle. But this proves that I'm doing ok. I'm a good mom. And my boys love and support one another. My oldest son spent a lot of time reading to his brother over the years and it paid off. Their dad is MIA and that's a blessing as he was an abuser and mentally ill. So this news made me cry with joy, and I am not a crier.

Dh, by all accounts, has been a complete and total ass about it. He barely mumbled a "good job, dude" to my son when I told him. He's been aloof and distant with me as well. And I know why. He's jealous. He's jealous for his kid.

My ss is not a bad kid. He's a decent child. But that being said he is only a Prince Only Child of divorce for dh and twat waffle. And they have insisted since birth, as has dh's entire family, that ss is a "genius" and a stellar athlete destined for professional sports. It's not the case. SS is smart kid and he's average at sports.

I don't understand how dh thinks this is a competition or somehow will detract from ss? It has nothing to do with him. And perhaps, there in, lies the problem. It isn't about ss, or dh, or twat waffle. It's about my bio. And I have never pitted ss against my bios. Kids are all different and learn in different ways.


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Oh but if DH told you that SS got some letter in regards to honors classes, he'd expect you to skip around, make a special 10 course meal, buy a pony, start a Go Fund me for SS future Harvard education and smile like a freaking freak show clown about it.. or you'd get shit for hating skid... am I right???

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I think it is one of those male ego things. My skids are 8 and 10 and my bios are 14 and 17 so you would think there would be no competition or hurt feelings. Yea NOT. My SO is very envious of my kids. OSS has many food allergies and because BM is a neurotic idiot and has turned OSS into one feeding that child is impossible, SO is always pissy because I refuse to subject MY kids to limited foods when OSS is with us. Hence I cook for mine he cooks for his.

Another Example, my BS17 just scored 3rd highest on the SAT's in his JR HS class. I can see the envy in SO eyes because while OSS is smart he is VERY immature and has some mental issues. BPD if you ask me handed down by BM. Just one other example. My BD14 does compititon cheer, it is hard work and dedication. She is a flyer so it's all eyes on her, every time her team places well SO is like oh congrats, but when YSS does good at a sport we should through a ticker take parade for EVERY little accomplishment,

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Congrats princess! What wonderful news on your son. It's an exciting and challenging thing so I wish you all the best and yay BS.

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Well, congrats to you and your son. I know how frustrating it is when you just want someone to share in your proud moment and the SF doesn't want to for whatever reason.

My DS is very big into the local music scene and is in a number of bands, one of which tours quite extensively. On his journey, I would sometimes make a comment or two to DH about how well my DS was doing. He would invariably respond with, "Well, BIL can play pretty good too! He isn't doing anything BIL can't do!"

I finally said, "You know what though? BIL DIDN'T do it and ISN'T doing it. IN FACT, I do believe he PAWNED his guitar for ALCOHOL. So just be happy for me and DS."

That was the last I ever heard of that. Then again, BIL decided to attack DH in a drunken rage too so that might have something to do with it.

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Congrats for your son, that's awesome! Time to turn the tables on DH, maybe? Tell him the only reason he's not throwing a parade is because he hates your kid.... I HATE the double standard.

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LOL....Allyskoo. I'm going to start saying that to my DH now every time he rags on my boys....I wonder why I never thought of that! I've heard it out of his mouth a gazillion times. Hahahahaha!

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do it do it do it!!!

i say it to dh whenever he gets cranky at the dog. i was dead serious the first time i said it too !:P thankfully it does make him laugh so he doesnt get all butthurt over it. i'd be curious how your dh would respond if the tables get turned!

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Aww..!! That is fantastic news for you and your boy!! Am very happy for you!!

Try to ignore your twit of a DH, if you can. Man obviously needs a goddamn back slap for being so insensitive and petty!!!