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SS13 voluntarily doing more chores. THE WORLD IS ENDING.

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I traveled out of town this weekend to a funeral, leaving DH and SS alone to their own devices. Not really the smartest thing in the world, but hey, I needed to be there for my best friend. On my way home I get a phone call from DH asking how I was doing and saying that they had stopped into Game Stop while waiting on the movie to start and SS found this card game he really wanted. My first thought was "OMFG HOW MUCH MONEY DID YOU JUST SPEND??" Luckily the next words out of his mouth were "I didn't spend any money." He was spared my wrath.

SS is a Brony. He's in looooove with My Little Pony. (makes me want to retch, but to each his own) Evidently there is a MLP card game. So he spent his allowance from last week on some of the cards, but now he needs a starter deck. DH looked online and found two starter decks, one which has SS's favorite pony, for $18.

SS said he would do extra chores to earn the money over the next couple of weeks, since he only gets $5 a week in allowance. If it wouldn't hurt when I hit the hard wood floor, I would have fainted when I heard that. ALL THE LAUNDRY WILL BE DONE BY SS!!! The massive mountain of laundry down in the basement will finally be caught up on, and he'll earn his cash.

Sometimes, that skid surprises me.


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It is one thing when it is actual BOYS but BM's fiancée's son - so I guess the skids soon to be step-brother - is a man in his mid 20's and he is obsessed with My Little Pony. As in President or Vice-President of a local chapter of Bronies. The guy gives me the creeps in the worst way. The skids swear he is "a great guy" but he has never had a girlfriend or boyfriend his own age - ever - and he actually uses words like "everypony" and "somepony" in everyday speech. Too weird....

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There are brony chapters? NO. That's a big freaking bucket of nope right there. And yeah, using everypony and somepony in every day speech is too much. Luckily SS doesn't do that. But he does want a MLP wallet, and of course now the cards...heaven only knows what else.

Though, just to be cheeky, I may end up getting him MLP sheets for his bed for christmas. Because I want to video his reaction and put it on facebook. I'm a jerk like that.

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Not only are there chapters but the members are fully grown men - think up to 50's and 60's. They claim they like the "message behind the stories" and they are emphatically not pedophiles. Even though they want to hang around talking to children. Uhm...yeah....