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FU SO and skid, FU

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Okay, so background. Broken foot, not supposed to walk. And now a hairline fracture in my wrist because I went ass over tea kettle (seriously flew over the handlebars) on my knee walker when I hit a handicap pad on the sidewalk. I know, right?

Anyway, I'm exhausted and in pain after getting back from doc's office today. It's like 3:30. All I want to do is take a nap. Which I do, SO gets me all tucked into bed and off to lala-land I go. He wakes me up at 7:30, telling me dinner hasn't been made. I said yeah, I took the hamburger out to make unstuffed cabbage. I fully wake up, he helps me get dressed, and hobble out of the bedroom where I'm told "SS13 will be your able and willing helper to make dinner tonight. I need to take a nap before I go to work."


Fine, whatever. Get SS into the kitchen with me, where I have him get what I need out of the fridge and pantry, and he tries to run away back to his computer. I'm like, uh, you're not done, which of course makes him grumble. I'm the one standing, STANDING, mincing garlic and cutting up a head of cabbage. I think the beast can brown the damn hamburger. Anyway, when we're mostly finished he runs back to his computer, and I say thank you very much, in a sincere way, because I really did mean it. The response I get?


Excuse me you little a-hole? I'm getting the water for the pot and immediately go with my knee jerk reaction. "Fine. When you break a foot or a leg and need any kind of assistance, I'm not going to do a damn thing for you."

Oh the string of expletives that I want to spew out of my mouth right now.

Effing skid.


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Trust me, if we could afford it, I would. I have NO idea what's wrong with him tonight, but he'll be hearing about it first thing in the morning, that's for damn sure.

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Don't tempt me. Please don't tempt me.

Right now I want to take away SS's phone, computer, and access to the xbox for the night. Gonna have to talk to SO about that one, which sucks...but maybe I can sway him in my direction. Because what SS said to me is total bullshit.

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Me too!!! Ramen is still like a dollar a package. Screw them. Don't make another meal until you heal.

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No way I would have cooked for those ungrateful two in those circumstances. They could fend for themselves.

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And you put up with these assholes? Why? I know you can do better than your SO.

If my DH had awakened me (even not injured) to inform me that dinner had not been made I would have made him REGRET that big time. Why did you get up and start catering for assholes?

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My heart just breaks for you. I can't imagine being treated with that much disrespect by any man in my life, let alone my husband.

Surely they could have managed to microwave a frozen meal or could have eaten cereal. Shouldn't you be laying down with your foot elevated? And both foot and wrist could probably stand to iced down.

I'd double up on your pain meds and tell them both you can't leave the bed - for days.

One of my fondest memories of my Dad was when my Mom had knee replacement - twice. My Dad was pretty old school - no very domestic or nurturing. But when my Mom was recovering, he really stepped up. He took care of her every need for weeks. She was able to plan ahead and had meals frozen - but he still did quite a bit of work in the kitchen. He is gone now, but I will always remember how gentle he was with her when she was laid up.

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Effing skid
That really should read effing DH. Wow...just wow. And wow that you actually got up, when DH snapped his fingers, and made HIS kid food!!

You better get this under control soon.

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I can't believe you actually got up and cooked.

I feel sorry for the woman that kid ends up marrying. His father is setting an awful example.

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when I was in my 20's I lived with a bunch of friends, there was a sign in the kitchen that said "I'm not your mother I'm not your maid, I don't do the dishes unless I get paid" Smile

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He wakes me up at 7:30, telling me dinner hasn't been made.

The correct response would have been, "Oh, what are you making, I'm starving. Please bring me a plate when it's done."

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}:) either that, or say "oh, ok" then after he helps u get up and out to the kitchen, make yourself a sandwich and go back to bed. if he asks why u made a sandwich, respond with a :? look and say "uh, u told me dinner wasnt made so i figured i'd just eat a sandwich since no one cooked anything."