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SD(19) grew up w/DH as PC, only eowknd visitation w/BM. For past 2 months has been living w/BM and SD---they charge her $300/month to live there sharing a small room w SD17 when there---it is a trailer so I am sure this is more than half of their mortgage payment. BM calls DH last night---they are on vacation w/SD17, but forgot to pay water bill before left so water turned off (LIE #1--don't know any service that turns off if not already behind for a few months). SD called upset, has no water, etc... refuses to go up street and ask for water from neighbors, only has $5 to her name. BM suggested to SD to call DH and ask to come take a shower, etc or maybe even stay here the night.
Evidently, SD didn't think was fair to inconvenience us last minute like that.

So BM tells SD she will call DH and ask for her. DH, dead on, says, "WHy are you calling for her? She is almost 20, if she needs help, she needs to call."

Only concern now is that BM will straight up lie to SD (BM is notorious for lying about EVERYTHING and tried to PAS girls to max, and if she had custody, both would probably be estranged from DH) and say DH won't help you, typical of you dad not to help when you need it. Oh well, maybe one day she will learn.