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Mother's Day with a Biological Drama Mama

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You know....there are times. Times when I wish I could take the low road and smack a bitch upside the head.

SS14's Bio-Mom who lives a thousand miles away and who rarely talks to and even less frequently sees her son sent a snarky text today DH today. "Got the Mother's DAY card in the mail today. ty to you and D***** (SS14)."

Nice. DAY all in caps to emphasize that it was a day late. This from the same woman who sends birthday and Christmas packages sometimes MONTHS late.

I really dislike her sometimes.


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Wow who the fuck cares if it's a week late? At least she got one! And why is this on your DH?? The kid is 14.. certainly old enough and capable enough of mailing a card.

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*snorty* yup. what'd you expect Wink

dumb@$$ picked the kids up for an hour, i mean literally just showed up with no warning. an hour. i was shocked, she hasn't done MD w/ them in several years. or birthdays. or Christmas. or thanksgiving. or easter. well you catch my drift...

your bm should be thankful she got anything at all. i wonder if your dh can just block her, does your ss have a cell she can call/txt to reach him directly?

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my guess is she pulled something from overextending.

the similarities between her and bs's bm are uncanny.

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lmfao she struck out then if that was her plan! the kids never ask about getting or making her anything. Dirol

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My suggested reply if not crickets:

"It was difficult to get the kids interested in doing anything and took a lot of effort to remind them who you are. Glad you appreciated it."

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I'd be tempted to respond "Glad you liked the card, you could've had it ON mother's DAY if you bothered to see your children"