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Prank War: Payback

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DH and my brother thought it was funny to almost give me a heart attack by putting a recording of my baby crying beside me so I would wake up to see the two of them in Halloween mask standing over me. *rubs hands together* so it’s payback time. Thanks guys for all your advice.

I wanted to put toothpaste in the Oreos but I knew DH would smell it. So I got a sweet potato pie and put whip cream a.k.a apple spice scented shaving cream on top of his slice. Omg you guys shoulda have seen his face.

ME: Babe I got pie for desert
DH: For real do not tell me it’s your mom’s sweet potato pie.
Me: yep she made it to cheer me up from having strep throat
DH: Hell yeah give me a slice like now Oh hell yeah
ME: * cut nice big slice and spray on shaving cream*
DH: Thanks babe it smells so good tell mom I said thanks
ME: I will
DH: *digs in and takes a mouth full* WTF! * runs to the sink and spits it out and starts gagging* WTF ewww WTF.

Now it’s time to get revenge on my brother. I invite my brother over to watch BS and SS while I go out with my best gal pal. I put on my best pouty voice complain that DH is at work and I never get to go out. So he comes over. I sneak his car keys out of his jacket when he throws it on the sofa. I go out to his car and I and my gal pal stick boiled eggs that have been sitting out all night under his car seat and inside his glove department. I also put a piece of moldy bologna behind his overhead mirror. Then we put sticky notes all over his car. We go out for dinner come back and my brother gets ready to leave and walks out to his car.

Bro: SIS WTF did you do you're gonna take all this Sh*t off my car.
ME: * lock him out the house and start hysterically laughing*
Bro: I will get you back watch
ME: No you already go me
Bro: It’s on now watch

A little while later he calls me
Bro: WTF is that smell what did you put in my car
Me: *giggle* revenge
Bro: I so got you.

LOL I really don't wanna get pranked back but they deserved it. I thought I would share so you guys could laugh.


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BAHAHA!! That shaving cream idea is hilarious!

It's great to get a good laugh here...definitely keep us posted!