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I realized something last night...

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I was sitting on the couch, shaking my head at BM's idiocy. She is ONCE AGAIN making really stupid financial decisions. She and her DH just got rid of their two cars (that they were still paying on and PROBABLY upside down on) for a single 2012 Dodge Durango - her DH has a company car, and they COULDN'T AFFORD two car notes. Which is fine - if you can't afford it, you can't afford it. But if you can't afford it, you get the smallest, most gas-efficient used car you can, not a brand new humongo gas-guzzling SUV.

And then! BM got a JOB!! She's somebody's secretary, but hey! It's a JOB!!! It's also 30 miles from her house. DH predicted that BM would be buying ANOTHER car within six months, because driving 60 miles round trip in a Durango gets expensive quick.

Not two weeks went by before BM was talking about buying a VW Beetle. SMH. Now we could really make jokes about it being a clown car. (BM is extremely large, and wears eye-searingly bright prints)

For Christmas, DH and I alternate between our families. We go to Louisiana to MIL's on even years, and stay home (with my mom) on odd years. The only time I ever see BM is during Christmas on even years. I was looking forward to it this year, because I just bought a brand new Audi. But SD16 - who will have a permit REALLY SOON NOW - was talking about Christmas. BM promised her that if they have that second car, SD16 can drive it the two hours to MIL's house.

That means I don't have to see BM! And if that's the case... the next, and LAST time I will have to see BM is at SD16's high school graduation in 2014. I would say at her college graduation too, but I think SD16 won't make it through college on her own. And we're already offering SD16 bribes to elope.

No more BM!! Except once!

Anybody else doing the BM countdown?


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Oh yeah.....the count down is so very ON!!

SD 17 is going to run off and marry her longtime BF anyday now. I know she will. No doubt in my mind. Is the best thing, of course not.

But no more CS. I'm horrible, I know Wink

Then we will only be around at grandkids birth. That I can deal with as we'll be pulling up in my new Jag that the CS money is paying for lol

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See, I never actually thought about it other than in terms of CS - we're hitting April this week, and then there's 25 more CS checks and no more!

But then, there's 25 more CS checks = 2 years.

I don't mind SD16. She is exhaustingly energetic at times, but she loves me and I love her.

BM, now, BM is the nasty, entitled, thinks-her-shit-doesn't-stink, one. I haven't actually spoken to her (other than to take a message for DH and then hang up on her) since... Christmas '08. It. Drives. Her. Up. The. Wall.