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Anyone else having issues not being able to delete old blogs?

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Everytime I try to delete old blogs an error line pops up asking me to "try again in 6 seconds." So I wait the 6 seconds and when I try again, I get the same message but the system asks for me to wait longer. The other day when I was trying to "clean", I think it asked me to wait 1275 seconds. lol.

Anyone else having this issue? :?


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That's how I feel too. My name has always seemed a little weird to me because when I created I didn't even think about the "meaning" and when Dh seen it he was like "msg? like the stuff they put in chinese food?" I was already too establish though to change it. What I was going for was Ms.G, which was the first letter of my maiden name. Now it really doesn't fit because now I'm Mrs.L. So meh. We'll see. I don't like change though. ahhh. Such a first world problem, right? lol.