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Feeling discouraged and I need to get over it

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Look, you already know it's helping SS. You already met with BM to discuss it before it happened. Blow off the meeting and save your money. If anyone asks, BM REFUSED TO MEET. Have your SS write a statement for court that it's helping and case closed.

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This was the suggestion by my mom but we have done court. Total we are about $10,000 in court and each time they recommend a counselor. Yes, this was three years ago now and ss is older but it just boggles me why BM would want to keep fighting this battle. The psychologist is going to push her on this direction and she knows it, so why not just find a way to compromise? 

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Unfortunately you can't compromise with miserable, bitter people who just can't seem to let sh!t go. You/we will never understand their mind frame because it makes absolutely no sense. Instead of doing what's best for the child, which in this case, is the current arrangement that is helping him.....BM chooses to fight against it.

Some parents have no idea how much damage they cause their children because for one reason or another they just can't move the h@ll on. Hope it works out for you all!