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Stupid Stupid Stupid! What would you do?

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SS13 was just given back phone privileges after he was looking up inappropriate things on his phone. We told him that we would be checking his phone every day. So... last week he goes and plays at his friend’s house. That night we go to check his phone and see that he sent a pic of himself looking all gangster holding a pellet gun (looks completely real) to some girl. She didn’t respond positively. DH immediately calls BM because he is trying to be on the same page as her and guess what her response is: well don’t yell at him? 

Two whole weeks off!

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just said see ya to ss13 who is off to bm’s for two whole weeks! I love ss but he has been rather annoying lately with the holier than thou attitude. DH calls him on it but I am just done with the conflict. I have four more days of work and then off to vacation with my kiddos minus ss and DH. Awwww bliss

The saga continues

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DH has been trying very patiently to work out a week to week schedule with bm that works to both our families. DH tried to set up a meeting with her and ss to discuss it and BM said no. His next step was to make an appointment with the court appointed counselor but he found out she retired, so he tried again with BM giving her until Friday to respond.