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Adios, idiota! (Goodbye, idiot!)

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Skid leaves today.

And I only found out because princess idiot was at our house when I got home from work yesterday. DH took skid and our littles hiking yesterday, apparently, where skid asked him a slew of idiotic questions. Questions an average 8th grader should know about life and the world around her, per DH.

That was funny. 

Awkwardly, skid put on an impromptu fashion show for us, or rather —> DH, before my FIL arrived to pick her up. I don’t know if they were shirts DH gave her or what, but she tried on a handful, each time coming into the kitchen and asking DH what he thought. Skid has ALWAYS been the fishing for compliments type. 

I straight-up ignored her.

Skid: “Do you think this shirt will look good with black ripped jeans?”

DH: “Ripped?”

Skid: “Yeah, like at the knees. They’re not tight or anything. They’re not baggy either.”

DH: “Oh, sure. Totally.”

I poured myself a glass of wine and tried to not vomit in my mouth.

After she and FIL left I asked DH when she’s leaving. He said “Tomorrow,” which is TODAY.

Girl, bye.



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 sorry but she sounds like a normal kid to me. And perhaps her younger questions during the hike we’re also geared at the little kids. Maybe she’s just trying to connect with them. 



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Congratulations Momjeans!

After everything you’ve been put through, I’m glad you managed to disengage enough this summer that you weren’t even aware of the demon’s departure date.

I wish the two above posters to go through everything you’ve been put through and then some so that they can receive the blessing of hard-earned empathy.

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 Oh believe me, I’ve gone through hell and back with my step kid of nine years. Some serious crap. Absolutely the worst experiences of my life. 


 And I was not putting the poster down. I was merely stating that those particular behaviors sounded normal. Wasn’t putting the poster down in any which way.  Even when my step kid would have normal behaviors, it’s still irritating because of all of the other serious stuff she would do that wasn’t normal. 

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Let’s call your initial post what it is, WTF - dismissive. 

It’s one thing to think to oneself, “Meh, that’s totally normal (enter whatever age here) behavior.” 

It’s another thing to verbalize that thought in a post, downplaying my situation and allllll the abnormal, unhealthy, and did I mention ENMESHED? context surrounding it. 

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 I had to be reminded at times that some behavior my step child was normal. It helped me be less  irritated with her. I went through hell and back with my step kid. And her mom. Absolute fu$king hell. 

 We all reply  to post we read with what is written in front of us and also from our own personal experience. Everybody does it. I was trying to be of service to help you see that that particular behavior sounded normal. Sorry your situation sucks. Step parenting is the most abnormal thing there is to do on the planet in terms of being a family.  And yeah... even when it’s normal behavior from a person you can’t stand it still irritating behavior. 

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Congratulations on surviving another visitation!  Is she back for the holidays or do you have the all clear until next summer?