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Police Visit

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After reading my blogs you all know BM is crazy!!!!!

Last Wednesday DH, skid and I travel out of state for the day. Per our CO a 5 day notice must be given before taking the child out of state for any reason. We gave our notice 6 days before. The way we tell BM is that skid is going to such and such. If he were to be going with someone other than us we would say something but if not we don't. Anyway, we leave early Wednesday morning and come home about an hour before the scheduled time for a phone call. We have about a 4 hour trip home. DH does the driving, skid fell asleep and we were in and out of cell service.

Here is the best part.....when we get home we see that BM has called the house phone 10 times, leaves 2 voicemails on the cell and sends 3 text messages. The last message sent tells DH that if skid doesn't call her in 10 minutes that she will call the police because she is thinking it's an emergency. Skid does call BM when we get home, like we already had planned if she had called. Calls are to me mon, wed, fri and sat. She never called monday.

The next day DH and skid are at home while I'm working. DH calls me and tells me that the police just stopped by to follow up from the call and visit last night. BM called the police wednesday night, they came to our house and found that no one was home and then left. DH told the officer we gave notice last week that we were going out of town, we went out of town and skid called when we got home. BM knew where we were the whole time.

BM then calls friday night and then NEVER calls saturday night.


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If you think she will try and pull this again, before you leave photocopy a notice and let her know that you gave a notice to the police department you have a photocopy and she also has a copy. That way you are ahead of the game and she can't do squat.

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We always notify her if skid is going out of state. We are the ones who follow the rules to a T so she has nothing to complain about. She does it only to interrupt any type of visit for my DH's family or any fun time for DH and skid.

Skid is finding out for himself though how must she is crazy. Last night she asked him if he got a hit at his last baseball game. He told her no and she asked why. He straight up told her it was because he missed games and didn't have the practice. Her fault for him missing the games!!