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O/T home remedies for cough

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ss8 has a cough for like ever. BM took him to doctor twice in one month for this. He was put on two different antibiotics and it didn't help. We went to the lake for 2 hours this weekend and the cough came back with vengence. We don't think the cough is bacterial so really if it's viral there is nothing but to wait its course. we have tried tea with honey, humidifier, vicks, cough medicine and chicken noodle soup.

What else can we try? ss has eczema and allergy to peanuts to the internet says asthma. dh has asthma so we are getting ss tested next week>?? any other ideas?


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A long term cough could be something, or it could be more than one bug that just seems to make it never end, tea and honey is good but, here's a neat trick open the freezer and have him breathe in the cold air, just normal breathing, it helps with croup and asthma like coughs it's not a cure just some relief but I'd say get him into a doc asap maybe it's asthma maybe it's not breathing treatment might help more than antibiotics and a doc given his history can do better than home remedies (and I'm big on fix it at home before we go to the doc type stuff lol)just not after long term and a kiddo

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Well, there is always the old fashioned remedy. boil a large pot of water to boil, remove from heat. Place a towel over head for 15 minutes and breathe in the steam. It will help to loosen it up. Also,dring hot boiling water with honey and lemon instead of tea....or add a generous amount of honey and lemon to the tea.

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Did you do vicks on the bottom of feet at bedtime and put socks on? People swear by it.

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Thanks everyone for your ideas. We are the try it at home before doc sort of parents. BM doesn't know how to be a parent so runs to the doctor and then claims we don't take care of skid. We have no control over what she does so it's like we can't save the kid from the doctor. We are taking him in because we can control no antibiotics and it's cheaper since I work at the hospital. Asthma testing is next week so hopefully we have better answers

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Nice remedies you have written,Basically for a disease like cough natural treatment is the best thing.
Other then that we shouldn't take anything for that purpose.Because that is a thing which can be treated by remedies.

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