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O/T disneyland age

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what's a good age to take kids to Disneyland? I have a 9 yr old and a 2 yr old


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Preschoolers still believe in the magic of disney,but may not be able to experience all of the rides/shows.

School age kids (depending on their height)can experience all of the rides and shows. However, the preteen set may think they are too cool to really get into the disney spirit.

Kids under two are free, but then you have to lug around diaper bags, strollers and deal with naps.

Check out You will find tons of disney vacation planning information there.

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I am planning a trip for this spring when older son turns 5 and younger son turns 2.

It really depends on your kids and your own personality. We have season passes to Busch Gardens so both my kids are really well behaved in that atmosphere. I'm also comfortable dealing with my kids in that environment as we go there or the water park about twice a month. But if your 2 yr old isn't used to all day excursions in a hot crowded place then she might he a bit too young.

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I took my kids when the oldest was 8 and youngest was 5. I wanted the youngest to remember it, it meant the oldest had to wait a while, but they both enjoyed it very much. I took my brother's kids when they were between ages of 5 and 10 and all loved and remember it. I would think youngest would be 4, so they can remember and interact more.