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How to get harassment

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BM threatens to call the police on DH because of missed phone time. SS was busy playing and we went out so when she called we told her he was busy and that she could call the next day (which isn't her normal time.) She went off the handle and threatened us with police. She made up this big ordeal over email saying we aren't telling her where he is or what he is doing and concealing him from her.

No where in the court order or our lives does it say we need to give a detailed daily description of our plans or that we need to inform her prior to doing anything with SS unless it's out of state. DH has primary custody and SS lives with us.

How many times and what reason could we file some type of harassment charges?


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I'm not sure what you mean by "which isn't her normal time". Is there a time set for her to call?

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Courts order a set time to ensure both parties are allowed their ordered time, & so that both parties can plan AROUND this time. The kid was allowed to ditch his mom for play time. Not cool.

It isn't fair to expect BM to follow your "plan changes" when she has time set by the courts. That isn't the way a court order works.

I'd be pissed if I were her, & I can't imagine the law is going to reprimand her for trying to enforce her rights given by the courts.

Maybe you don't see it as a big deal. However, it's not you missing time with your kid.

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Well thanks for all of your comments but "playing" was never the reason he was busy so all of you that said that just made that up. BM doesn't always have son available either so funny you all want to attack us. harassment wasn't for the phone call it's for calling the police and having them show up at the door.

Wow thanks for all of you shunning me and my DH. you are all in the same category as BM apparently so she can change the rules whenever she wants but shame on us.

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second the bitch left SS for three years and didn't care about what he was doing so why should SS jump through hoops now for her