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Well, vacation was an overall success. Our cabin was awesome. We went white water rafting and that was a total blast!! If you haven't done I suggest you do lol. We swam at waterfall, and even fed a bald eagle with fish SD was catching. It was an amazing experience! 

Sunday night before we left I did lose it on SS17. I was running around all day getting stuff done before vacation. Grocery shopping, cleaning the house, packing etc. SOs nephew was staying at our house to watch the dogs so I wanted the house clean. SS17 was asked to clean the downstairs bathroom....


Since everything is drama with him, he grabbed a bottle of cleaner that has bleach in it and apparently it was leaking. This turns into.. "OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG!" It's leaking!! OMFG IT GOT ON MY PANTS OMFG! Holding it above his head and stuff. I snapped! I couldn't take it. I was like just go back upstairs I'll clean it!! I go instead of being normal and just saying shit it's leaking and throw it out it's a constant drama fest!!!!! He was claiming that someone like planted it there leaking! NO ONE WOULD DO THAT! Ugh. SO I got pissed (at the whole thing)  I was like well WTF! At this point it was 6pm I had been going since 9am. SO lays into SS17. Which turns into more drama and SS17 claiming (once again) I don't do "anything" for him just "pay for things" This turns into a lecture from SO. When he turns 18 will it be wrong to say to him please go call mommy because she's the only one that loves you. Spoiled f'n brat. (Insert eye roll) 


Anyways! SS15 had a great time. SD seemed to have a good time. She doesn't really get overally excited about much though or just doesn't show it. The day we went to the waterfall was challenging because it was an easy walk with a steepish climb down to the waterfall. Any type of physical activate with her is challenging full of "I can'ts" We made it through though.


Thankfully, where we were we had no cell phone service only WiFi. BM has a droid and we all have iPhones so there wasn't much texting going on. Where we went out to the waterfall there was service so it was flooded with BM texts. SD didn't grasp that concept you need cellular service for texts and iMessages are WiFi. Our last night she goes "I can't answer moms texts" Where we had gone out to eat you get service for 1 minute then it goes away so she got messages from BM in that minute. 

Then yesterday we stopped half way home to get lunch. SD: " what's the name of this restaurant." Aka BM being nosy like we are 3 hours away from home at this point. Who knows though BM and her husband travel to that state often so maybe they have been there. It's weird that SD feels like she has to respond to BM while we are away. She won't always respond to her texts at home but when we are on vacation it's almost like she feels bad or something. SD is also clueless I think on how much BM and her husband do. I mean, they live a child free life sooo... So that kind of annoyed me but, whatever.


But, overall it was a good time.  


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Well, you were lucky there was no cell service - next time, take the phones away so BM can't disrupt your time.

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I wish.. or I could just turn the data off on their phones and be like I don't know what's happening??! *biggrin*

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There's a special scale to rate vacations with SKs.  You know, ranging from zero  ("and then we killed them ")  to10  ("We all got along").  I'd say on that scale, you rated about a 9!  Lol.