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Glad I’m at work.

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So I'm on the East coast and we had a tropical storm come through last night. 

I like watching storms so when I got home from work I was sitting on the front porch with one of the dogs watching the wind. Well, all of sudden all 4 of them come outside "we lost power!!" SS15 grabbed his camera started taking pics, we busted out our giant jenga, SD13 and SS15 later were outside taking pics in the dark actually make use of no WiFi. SS17 was getting annoying whining about the power being out. We normall don't lost power for that long but, a lot of the state is out right now. 

Well, we lost power at 530pm last night and now it's 10:30 and it's still not on. Now, all their phones are about to die so what will they do?!!?? 

Glad I am at work and don't have to listen to the whining. This is the longest they have ever gone without WiFi LOL.

Welcome to the old days! 

My only complaint is the ice cold shower I had to take this morning. Haha. 


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We lost power from 10 am to 1 am.  My DH had charged the kindles before hand so I was able to catch up on some much needed reading.  SS22 kept taking the dog for walks and rides around the neighborhood to see if anyone needed help with tree removal and went for more water.  

It was a nice evening until bedtime and not having AC.  Oh and we have well water so no electric, no water.  Thank goodness they got it on quick.

Hopefully when you get home you can take a nice hot shower!

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Hopefully soon! As of now still nothing. My step brother works for the electric company so I texted him. He said around where I live is a higher priority because of "3 phase backbone" in electrical terms lol. So crossing fingers for soon! 

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I live in South Jersey. 

I am grateful to have lost no power. My trees puked a little that was it. The whole storm came and went in like 10min.


my parents are a few blocks over-no power-tree fell on the bike shed (The Harley is fine!)


BM lives 40 min

No power for 14h-trees down everywhere,roads were blocked for hours while trying to do a cleanup.