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OT Thanks for the reminder.

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I just got a text from SS17s GF's mom. It stated to remind SS17 to order his cap and gown it's due Friday! 

Who does that? Do you guys remind your step kids/bio kids parent/stepparent to take care of stuff? LOL 

She is really nice BUT she raised a complete PRINCESS! My guess the GF had something behind that text. 


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I actually think it's fine. My sons were busy and distracted at that age, a reminder never hurts


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We aren't friends and I find it kind of rude to remind another "parent" to do something randomly. 

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Your stepson's girlfriend's mother texted you a reminder?? IMO, SS's GF's mommy should text SS's bio mommy and/or daddy. I'd block her. Sheesh.

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nomenclature would it be SS17 GF's BM?

Quite a mouthful!

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Why wouldn't she just say to her daughter, remind your Bf to do this. Lol. Seems far over stretching. 

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Well yes the GF wants a picture with your SS all done up. 

And you got the text because they think you're the most likely to make it happen. 

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SO just got home from work so I told him. He goes "I was going to order it tomorrow... GF must have made her send it."

I said to SO how have you made it this far with the 3 kids and all their things to her 1 (meaning GFs mom) haha. 

So strange. 

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But if this is the behaviour she's modelling to her daughter, I'd be tempted to tell SS to run for the hills.  Imagine being in a relationship with someone that controlling.  *diablo*

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Oh I'm surprised he still tolerates her. He is pretty good now about putting her in her place when need be haha. 

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There are three scenarios in my head on how this played out:

1.) GF asked her BM to send the text.

2.) The BM sent it unprompted.

3.) The BM heard SS and GF talking about it and took it upon herself to make sure her pumpkin princess got what she wanted.

Part of me thinks it's not rude, but then I remember how rude I find it when ET does it (and she actually has a right, but no reason, to). Even if not rude, it's weird. SS or his GF could have reminded you all if they were worried. GF's BM doing it is just...weird to me.

ETA: It would be way different if you all ran into each other somewhere and she asked "have you ordered the cap and gown yet, they're so expensive/tacky for what you get!" That's just finding a common ground. Maybe GF's BM is trying to be friendly and just missed the mark? 

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I totally think it's 1. SS17 and I were watching football when I got the text so they weren't together when her mom sent the text. 

She is nice and I do like her I think she overstepped without seeing it because princess told her too. She's the Queen over there.

Just a little example: they were in our backyard once playing with the dogs and she had her UGG slippers on. Yes you read that right. Well it was a little muddy and her slippers got muddy along with the dogs. She started to demand SS17 to "HELP HER CLEAN HER SHOES!" He basically told her to F off and he was going to wash his covered in mud puppy first. I didn't witness that one SO did haha. 

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Dear lord. I hope to high heaven that he isn't having sex with her, and if he is, he's being VERY safe. This is the kind of relationship you learn from, not get tied to.

ETA: I don't want to make it sound like GF is abusive, manipulative, etc. She just sounds young and high maintenance. Which, at 17, is a thing you have to learn to overcome. But having witnessed teen parenthood's effects on not only DH but other family/friends, too, that behavior/mentality will cement during a pregnancy. It can still be overcome, but that's one heck of an uphill battle.

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They are NOT having sex. That we know for sure. She's a text book great kid.. grades, sports, community service etc. She will be successful in the future. I think she is above the teenage high maintence relationship. I have a bunch of stories I can tell the are extreme wtf?!

I think once they graduate it might last a little longer so we will see. 

First relationship learning curve. He really doesn't stand for her shit anymore. He's grown in that category lol. 

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I would ask my son, why on earth did your girlfriends mother text to remind me of this?! (in front of the girlfriend) Cause I'd be curious. Plus it's putting it out there that's its strange. Lol Smile If she continued to text with strange reminders I'd kindly tell her that her input was not required Blum 3

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This was a first time. If it happens again I'll something politely to say thanks but we got it.