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Deja Vu?

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Well.. SO and SD were talking in the car yesterday and SD said that BM told her "if SS17s graduation gets pushed back a day she won't be able to make it."

Hmmmmmmmmm these are the exact words she told SS18 last year... luckily for him it didn't get rained out and pushed to the following day so she was able to make it. 

My guess.. she doesn't realize graduation is already pushed backed a week from its originally scheduled date. BM and her husband go to bike week in a particular town every year and they will not miss it even for her own kids high school graduations LOL. 

Maybe I'm wrong.. maybe she has something planned the following week too?? We will see. Graduation 2.0 drama is starting. 


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When my BS graduated we invited everybody and had a lot of people decline because of health reasons or conflicting schedules.  My mother tried to make it this whole big issue and get me all spun up and pissed off about it.  Really it didn't bother me, I knew the most important people were going to be there for my BS and that would be me and DH...everybody else was just extra, maybe look at it that know the most important people will be there for SD.

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SS17 isn't a fan of BM. When he got into the fender bender he was pissed she didn't help him out to fix his car. SO paid for most and had SS17 chip in and SO did all the work on his car. He wanted BM to contribuate something! 

If she doesn't attend his graduation I think this will really set him over. 

She hasn't seen him since Xmas. She didn't see anyone for Mother's Day. She's only seen SD twice since Xmas. Once in the beginning of jan and on her bday in April. A total of 3 hours. Can't speak for SS18 because I think he may stop over there but nothing of substance because if he isn't working he's either home or at his friends. 

None of them have called her out yet or told her how they feel. I think it will happen eventually... 

We will see how it unfolds.