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Just to vent.

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I've blogged about this before but it still annoys me every time... In the last month we have gotten 3 pieces of mail with BMs first name and SOs last name. BM is remarried so hasn't had SOs last name in almost 5 years.. she never lived in this house...their marital house is only a house down (3 number house with one digit difference) but it's been over a decade since she lived there...

It's random junk mail but like wtf.. why. We have the same name so it's not like it's my name spelt wrong by mistake because SO and I are not married. 

It's like they will never just go away.. 


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especially with junk mail. Everyone trying to sell you something, so they get online and find random addresses and names.

I've been divorced from my first husband for over 25 years. Single for 7. Married to DH for 17 years. I STILL get mail in my first married name and STILL get stuff for my ex. I've also gotten stuff for DHs kids at this home. NONE of them ever lived here. Got collection calls for the BM. SMH

It did bother me in the beginning but today, it's the least of my worries in my StepHell. I wish that was all I had to deal with all these years. 

Anyway, don't look for it to end anytime soon. Comfort yourself knowing she has zero to do with that issue.

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SS20 did get a scam call and they left a voicemail asking for my mother. All skids and SO are on my account. I've only had one cell number my entire life and it was under my mothers name 20 years ago... So who knows! It's just the idea though for me with her mail even it being junk. 

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I Remember the girhippo using "Mrs chef and his last name"  because she didn't want to "confuse the children"

I told Chef that my kids both have different last names and they were never confused somehow.

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BM did that too!!! Used SOs last name AFTER she was remarried and she changed her last name! 

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I get it, that would bother me as well. Mailing lists are very strange. My Mom gets junk mail addressed to the wife of my father's brother. This woman has never lived in this state and my father's brother hasn't lived in this state in 50 years. My  Dad died before my Mom moved into her house. How this connection was made, I will never understand.


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We get collection envelopes from the Catholic Church they they got married in. . It is addressed to both of them like John and Jane Doe. I guess they never let the church know they divorced 12 years ago. Makes me ill.  But what doesn't about my relationship. 

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BM here actually used our address to get auto insurance quotes and other stuff. She never lived here or anywhere in the same area. We were getting mail after she already died. She made everyone's life hell while alive and continued from the grave 

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We get pieces of mail for my Mr's ex and they've been divorced for over 20 years. I just laugh and throw them in the paper grinder.

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Married a divorced woman. Expecally when she has kids who use the father last name.  The schools calls her Mrs  old name.  Mail comes in old name.  It never stops.  I have kids who are married for 20 years and still get mail in there BF name. 

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BM here had her name changed to her new husband's on all socials about 10 minutes after their wedding ceremony, and pretty soon after that legally. We used to occasionally get junk mail with her old married name (DH's surname), even though our house was mine, BM never lived there and it was a few miles away from their former marital home.  We have since moved again and now get nothing for BM, thank goodness.  She's not bad, but I don't need any reminders of her in my mailbox. 

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YSD last lived with us in 2005, has never set foot in our current home, & has a different surname. Yet we get the occasional piece of mail addressed to " Her first name, our last name".

I guess those super old mailing lists are still out there.

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It has been going on for decades and will only get worse with the growing use of AI.  I deal with it via a "RETURN TO SENDER" and "NOT AT THIS ADDESS" stamp. When I check the mail I immediately stamp junk mail with one or both of the stamps and put them in the outgoing mail slot.  RTS for junk in our names, RTS and NATA for crap in someone else's mame.   Junk mail houses make money by sending junk mail. I take away from their profits by sending it back to them to deal with.

Lather.... rinse..... repeat.

As for my XW and the use of my name, XW petitioned the court to re-instate her maiden name at our final divorce hearing, That was granted.  I moved out of the house a couple of weeks later. It has been more than 30 years since the divorce was final.  In fact, this year will be 34.   I do not recall ever getting mail for her.  Maybe it happened. If it did, I don't recall.

She will surface in a Google search upon occassion.  Most recently was 11+ years ago when I was putting together a slide show for mom and dad's 50th anniversary.  My XW showed up on that search.  A couple of clicks later... she was then on marriage #3 (I was #1), my XMIL had been arrested and covicted for embezzlement and was sentensed to federal prison. My XW and the whole family were sued for compensatory and punitive damages by MIL's employer to recover what she stole.  

I do not stalk her. Though knowing how her life has been shit due to her adulterous tendencies would be kinda fun to know about.  Learning that my XMIL was a federal felon and a convict adds some clarity to some odd events during my blessedly brief marriage to my XW.

Stamp, stick it all back in the outgoing mail slot.  Just for fun.

If you know XW's address, call those trying to get hold of her and give them the address and her mobile#.

When we bought one of our homes we would get countless collection agency calls for the prior owner.  When the prior owner called to ask about a delivery, they gave me their phone# and address.  After that, I gave their contact info to every collection call we got.


I do not like dirtbags.