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Little too late

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SD17 had her 11th lacrosse game today. BM has not attended a single game yet this year. She only attended 1 last year. 

SD mentioned yesterday that BM said she was coming to this game. Well game starts... no BM... she's always late.. game continues she never shows...

My brother, SIL and nephew (my niece too she's only 2.5 months) also attended todays game so after the game we go say hi to SD because she loves nephew. Hang out for a little bit and leave... 

We are pulling out of the parking and who do we see... BM (can't miss her orange hair) and her husband walking in...LOLL. Little late BM. The varsity game was after SDs (she's JV).

What is she wearing you might ask... a hoody with SOs work logo (the entire back of the sweatshirt) on it. They are two letters which are also the abbreviation of our town but this was specifically done on purpose. Everything with her is calculated. At of ALL the sweatshirts she must own she picks THAT one??!  Come on. Not sure where she got the hoody. Maybeeee she had one from when her and SO were together. So we are home maybe 15 minutes and SD calls me...

**giggling** "mom just texted me asking if I was playing the first half LOLLL." " I told her I already played... "x friends mom was like did she just miss her daughters entire game??!"

I didn't tell her we saw her walking in... I was like yeah I don't know SD..

Also.. she plays quarters not halves. 

SD hasn't come home yet so I don't know what else was said by BM. 

And just an FYI. Our state was an app that you can look up all high school sports games for freshman, JV and varsity. Also.. BM follows the high school lacrosse page and it tells you the time of the games jv and varsity. Guess she doesn't even know what her kid plays. 

She's just so pathetic. 


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Lacrosse. A great sport. I played in HS.  I was okay, not great.  But, the president of my Military School was a college all American at WestPoint when he was a Cadet.

He and I would toss a ball periodically.  The school I attended prior to Military School had a great program.  My Military school did not have a team so I played on a nearby University's club team.

It is great that  your SD knows you are interested and that she can count on you and her dad.  She sadly already knows she cannot count on her mother other than to be stupidly ridiculous.

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Sooo relevant by wearing the old sweater! Lol. Would have been more relevant to not miss the game....