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Story Time.

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SD16 (17 in a few days) started another small rant about BM last night. She's upset that BM didn't donate to her high school lacrosse fundraiser... she had a month to donate. She told SD that "she would see what she would do." And also she said "I don't have any friends." LOLLL. My family donated the most go figure. 

Anyways... she proceeded to say that BM sent her her whopping $100 birthday money a few days early because she wasn't responding to BMs message in a timely matter. Then BM will start the whole what's wrong with etc. SD doesn't want to listen to her BS anymore. 

My previous blog is BM calling her on Easter crying... 

SD told me that BM has offered for her to go "hang out" at a social club she is in... beers are cheap and you can smoke inside... I mean yeah that's where you want your kid to hang out. SO and I said she would let any of her kids drink and drive and SD also said she offered this before she started driving. ***mind blown*** 

SD then told the story how she stopped at BMs (very rarely does she do this) and she had a popcorn maker. SD asks BM when she got the popcorn maker...

BM proceeds to say that she found a $100 dollar bill on the ground in Aldi so she purchased the popcorn maker then... how she always wanted one and it was just perfect timing!! 

LOLLLLL! BM literally makes up the most ridiculous stories. Yeah okk BM I'm sure that's what happened. Magic 100 dollar bill came for you.. She needs to lie about literally everything so she doesn't look bad in front of her kids for not contributing to their lives AT ALL. 

Only.... they know she's lying... 

Crazy crazy. 



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It is great that SD is developing her own BM bullshit RADAR/Smell Test.  Hopefully SD will keep that level of self preserving knowledge on her shit BM as she progresses into adulthood.

We kept SS fully appraised of the facts in an age appropriate manner as he was growing up. It started when SS would return home from a SpermLand visitation upset with us over some crap SpermGrandHag floated about how having to pay CS on SS was starving the three younger spermidiot spawned half sibs by two other baby mamas. How the nice things SS had was because of the CS.  So, fact time with mom and dad.  We reviewed the CO with him, the family finances including housing, food, medical, transportation, etc.. and how the $133/mo in CS covered shit for nothing.  CPA mom does some great spreadsheets and charts that are kid friendly and get the facts across quite nicely.

SS would get bewildered at not understanding why SpermGrandHag would lie to him.  Next visitation, the Hag would pivot and SS would come home with another manipulation. So, we would roll out those facts.  They would lie, we would adjust and clarify with the facts.

Eventually as he progressed through his teens he would come home from SpermLand and dive into our Custody/Visitation/Support files on his own volition when something in SpermLand did not pass his smell test.  He ended up consuming every sentense, number, court recording, ranting vitriolic message on the answereing machine tapes, supplemental county rule, State regulation, Spermidiot marriage and divorce records (he still claims to have never been married though the records speak for themselves), spermidiot arrest records (Gun violations, cavorting with underage teen girls, etc...).  

By the time he aged out from under the CO, he was well capable of defending himself from their lies, manipulations, and attempts to PAS him against his mom and me.  The final nail in the collective coffin with him was when they tried to guilt him into repaying them the CS they had paid for his support for 17 years.  That is where he wrote them off.  They rephrased the discussion from repaying CS to "Help pay for us to raise your younger sister and brothers."  He told them that it was his SpermIdiot what spawned them and needed to support them. In the past nearly 14 years he has nearly zero interface with them for the past 10.  His disdain is to the point that he has told his mom that if something happens to me, she cannot ever move back to SpermLand.  He does not want his mom anywhere near the SpermClan and sadly does not want his mom anywhere near her own family.

Hopefully that will not be a thing that has to be dealt with for a couple of decades.  

Facts and countering lies is not manipulation.  Many BPs and SPs shy away from the facts with the Skids. IMHO, it has to be full frontal facts all of the time when the blended opposition is toxic. If the quality side of the equation won't deliver the truth/facts to the Skids, the kid is doomed to sniff toxic parent ass and to drink the PAS Kool-Aid.

IMHO of course.