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Somethings that really annoy you.

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I'll start with in high school I played field hockey, indoor and outdoor track. My ex boyfriends mom was a physical therapist... so I'm not a complete f'n moron when it comes to muscles. 

SD is NOT an athlete. She tries (kind of but she isn't competitive ) really just isn't. She started playing lacrosse again last year (10th grade) and she hasn't played since she was 9. She played rec basketball 5th-7th grade.

ANY TIME she has some sort of muscle issue I TRY and give her tips.. she NEVER listens and will just be like oh well coach says do this... DOESNT FN MEAN YOU CANT DO MULTIPLE THINGS. 

Example just now.. coach said I could have a sprained quad... I show her ONE stretch and her form was completely wrong and she says I'm just going to do what coach says.. This has happened so many times with anything related to muscles. I can't fn stand it. She almost says it like I'm an idiot though. 

The other day her practice got cancelled because it was like 25 degrees out.. I said something about it and she says "let me see you go run blah blah.." SD I RAN TRACK in all sorts of weather! She doesn't even entertain the idea that I could actual be beneficial to her. Annoying. I'll add I can definitely out run her now too. 


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but what really annoys me is that SD26&24 have always been know-it-alls about saving the planet and the environment. What's worse than being know-it-alls is that they are judgemental and act superior. What's worse than that is that they have no f*ing clue what they are talking about.

OSD thinks that she gets to dictate how other people should practice environmentalism. For example, she will dictate when it is acceptable or unacceptable, in her own mind, to use a paper towel. If she says it's ok then great but if she deems using a paper towel wasteful then she will be super rude about it. YSD will actually ask OSD for permisson to use a paper towel. It's absurd.

When I first met SD's they kept a drawer of crusty, smelly, nasty cloth napkins that they use and then PUT THEM DIRTY - BACK INTO THE DRAWER with all the clean cloth napkins. When I realized this I just about gagged a maggot. Fast forward, one day when I was using a paper napkin OSD loudly and snottily said, (to no one in particular because she won't speak to me) "Doesn't SHE know that we have a drawer full of cloth napkins?"

It wasn't long after that that the cloth napkin drawer disappeared. It was emptied, sterilized and new contents put in place. SD's never did ask where the napkins went. I kept a nice stack of paper napkins on the table. SD's would wipe their hands on their own clothes rather than use a paper napkin. So gross.

The cherry on top of how annoyed they make me is that I actually do care about the  environment . I was raised and surrounded by scientists, ecologists, agriculturalists and naturalists. I know far more about environmentalism and do more to be sustainable than either of the little snot diablas ever will.


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Though not nearly an environmentalist directly.  I have worked for many years in chemical manufacturing, Oil & Gas, mining, ore processing, etc....   Since I lead the maintenance organizations my philosophy is "keep it in the pipes". That keeps it out of the environment.  There is direct correlation between effective maintenance and reduction in emissions and contamination.

Part of what I do is document the crap out of guidance I provide to executives.   When they choose a different direction, I reconfirm my guidance and product a memorandum for the record to document both the guidance I provide and any deviations from that guidance.  I have been subpoenaed several times.  Usually initially when the finger points at maintenance and then later in the process when research verifies that we followed the rules, documented, and ... advised counter to what the decision initiated.   I have records going back decades that I pretty much cannot dispose of.  I get calls from both sides of an action periodically.

Keep it in the pipes and modern industry can continue to deliver stunning benefits to humanity while effectively utilizing proven resources safely and cleanly.

IMHO of course.

Invariably the knee jerk save the planet decisions invoke the law of unintended consequences.  The most notable example that comes to mind is in the late 70s when paper grocery bags caused the environmentalist movement to lose their collective minds.  Over night, no more paper grocery bags and instandly countless micron plastic bags. Those overwhelmed the planet.  We lived in Morocco when by royal decree the eleminated micron plastic bags from use in any business instantly.  Within a very short time there was a notable decline in the clouds of bags blowing all over the country.  By the time we returned to the US a year after the royal decree, it was rare to see a single bag blowing around.  Of course the public lost their minds because they now had to pay $.01 per bag.  Those bags are a reusable fiber bag made out of... recycled micron bags.  They are machine washable, and last for seemingly ever.  Because peopel had to pay for them, I never saw a single one blowing down a street after the royal decree went into effect.  We have dozens of them that we still use for grocery shopping.  I used to by them by the 100+ and give them to shoppers with arms full of loose stuff that they were trying to carry to their car that was dropping and rolling all over the place.  

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I do think it's the big players that make the greatest impact on our planet so thank-you for helping to hold them accountable. Although it's cute to use "family cloth," just kidding, it's disgusting, it's not really going to make any significant difference in extending the life of planet earth.

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To anyone of intelligence, cloth napkins are laundered like any other linen.  Though far more freqeuntly than sheets or bath towels. Say, after each use.


Putting dirty cloth napkins back in the drawer is just beyond idiocy. Though considering who is perpetrating that behavior, intelligence is not present to begin with.  Roughly akin to putting dirty underwear back on after a shower.


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Asking permission to use a paper towel LOL. She wouldn't make 3 minutes in our house. SD has been a know it all type since I've met her. She was 8 (will be 17 next month) and she will never ask for advice or be like oh yeah that helped thank you! Never. 

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The ONLY person that YSD asks for advice is OSD. OSD doesn't ask anyone anything because she already knows it all. OSD was parentified and treated as the sun that the entire family revolves around by both parents but especially BM who says, "OSD is SO smart." Well, yes, she is smart compared to what a complete waste of oxygen BM is but OSD is also extremely emotionally volatile and lacks life experience. She's the last person I would consider my "sun."

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OSD was always going on and on about recycling and the planet and all but she'd constantly just throw EVERYTHING into the trash while our recylce bin was right next to it. One time DH had actually had enough and literally called her a hypocrite and pointed out that she wasn't following her own "rules" so knock off the lectures. She was SO MAD.

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It's a rare day these spineless DH's call out their poopsie's hypocrisy. I hope you relished the moment.

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Oh I did. He RARELY called SDs out on anything, but when he does you know they've crossed a line. He doesn't tolerate hypocritical actions or self-riteousness at all. Everything else though is to be ignored.

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I barely even call stuff out anymore. Every time I do lately it turns into a battle. He has become hypercritical of everything surrounding skids and me. It's actually gotten harder for me the older the have gotten.

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Baring the ass of an idiot is theraputic... for you.  It might just make a point with the idiot as well. Not likely, but maybe.

So, have fun with the ass baring.  I suggest escalation.  Start dropping articles on her that back  your recommendations and highlight your experiences that  you are magnanimously sharing the benefit of with her.

Keep rubbing her nose in it. Just maybe, she will learn something.  Regardless, it can be entertaining for you.


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Maybe I will make them each a "family cloth" starter kit for Christmas. Lol

I realize this will teach them nothing but it will be fun for me.

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"family cloth" is reusable toliet paper aka toliet wipes made of cloth that is washed and reused over and over again. Bad

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I'd never heard of family cloths before so I did some reading. It's interesting! Most folks agree a bidet is an absolute necessity. Then, instead of rolls of TP there are stacks of washcloths. Use the bidet to get clean, dry with the cloth. Launder the cloths. That doesn't sound much worse than washing underwear.

The one person in the article who did not have a bidet specified that the cloths were used only for urine, never for number two. I don't have a bidet and I don't have family cloths, but I have to say once I read into it it wasn't as horrifying as I thought it would be

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I agree that with a bidet it wouldn't be as horrifying but most people in the US don't have a bidet and may not be comfortable using one even if they did since bidets are not customary here.

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I deal with poop all day long it seems like with two toddlers who aren't potty trained, various animals and toilets that seem to get blocked regularly. Poop doesn't really bother me so much as it used to. Back when we were using cloth diapers for the kids (before I gave up) it really wasn't that bothersome, just more laundry. I can't see "family cloths" being much worse than that. 

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Your own babies poop is one thing but a stranger's poop is quite another. Can you imagine wiping your ass with the same cloth that SK used?

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What's hilarious is if you google best exercise for pulled quad what I showed her is top.... but what do I know. **shoulder shrug**

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What I have come to understand is that there's no reason to waste your wisdom and kindness on thick skulled SK's. Find people to help that will actually appreciate and value what you have to offer. I have so much fun interacting with my little nieces and nephews. I'd rather be a coach or an aunt figure to local children in our community than waste another moment caring about Sdiablas asinine opinions.

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Family cloth... an evolution of yellow is mellow but brown goes down.

I dated a young women when I was first in University whose family was in this camp.   It was gross as hell. Let me tell you.

I made every excuse in the book to avoid their home after the first visit.  That was 40+ years ago and it still traumatizes me.  I flusched after a stand up toilet session. It was mindless on my part as it had never dawned on me to not flush.  I blame muscle memory.  She was mortified that I had flushed.


They also had a 4 square rule.  What can anyone do with that?  


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other day her practice got cancelled because it was like 25 degrees out.. I said something about it and she says "let me see you go run blah blah.."

Could be reading more into this but your sd sounds kind of mouthy 

As far as the sports advice...given that she thinks she knows it all...just let the coaches - then doctors (after she ignores all wisdom) put her in check. 

Don't even expend your energy on her on this topic because someone else may be more receptive to your suggestions about it  

It takes a village to raise these kids. Let somebody else do this one! 


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It goes with her know it all attitude. I don't have a bad relationship with her but at almost 17 it gets annoying she will not take anyways advice. SO just says.. "it's her personality." Which it is and he never really tried to change so..

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These are the perfect people to set up to bare their own asses on how clueless they are.

Do it. Regularly.

And have fun with it.