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o/t... eff off Friday

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Hi all. This is for my friend, Aniki.

Eff off to...

  • Endless road construction 
  • Idiots all over the road cuz they are texting
  • Aniki having pnemonia


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Feel better, Aniki. 

I can totally go with the road construction. My state has two seasons. Winter and Road Construction.

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In the south there is two seasons HELL HOT with road construction and road construction.

Also, eff off stupid drivers; doesn't matter, texting or generally unable to drive. 

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-Eff off to the school buses that cause so much traffic

-Eff off to these obnoxious teenagers on public transportation that don't know how to shut the h@ll up

-Eff to people not having common sense but have degrees up the @#$%

* Feel better Anikki!!!

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Eff off to...

  • Grandparents complaining about other grandparents being at grandparent's day. Like what am I supposed to do? you're all grandparents, it's one hour, make nice. I bet she's estatic that so many got to come. So chill. 
  • DH's mom requesting she be the ONLY grandparent invited next year (Ummmm no. It's for the kid, you're all grandparents. These are their only grandkids they get to see thanks to GBM and Psycho convincing Psycho's sister. AND, I think you invite the grandparents. It's a bloody grandparents day. People shouldn't be excluded)
  • Dealing with Psycho by myself tonight, AND sunday
  • Work. I need a week off. But it looks like my vacation time will probably be going to therapy (at least a few hours a month of it... lol) Well worth it though to get them the help they need
  • Football, the trafic has already started for a game that's not even until tomorrow and is an hour away. Would someone explain that to me?

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Eff off to SD and SSIL. Your kids have one living bio grandparent and not once have you had either of your children invite him to grandparents day (or to Veterans Day when they can invite a veteran to a presentation and lunch). 

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Hope you feel better soon, Aniki.

Eff off to getting sucker punched at work by the one person who you thought had your back.  Eff off to now feeling like shizz and just not wanting to go to work anymore.

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Eff off to DH never remembering the names of my work colleagues. It's like he's NEVER heard about these people. "Now, who is Rosemary?" She's the person I have lunch with every Tuesday, which I have to explain to you every Monday. "Who is Patricia?" She's the VP and she's been to our HOUSE. I fear I was visibly frustrated with him today when I mentioned these two people. Brand new. Every. Single. Time.

AND eff off to pneumonia.

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Get well soon Aniki!!!!

Eff off to week long all day meetings at the office *sad*

Eff off to paychecks not lasting a week when you get paid every other week!!!!

Eff off to stupd drivers for sure!  I think we all agree on that!

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~ Aniki having pnemonia ~

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Aniki, Hon, healing vibes are on their way....... Good

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Eff off to Florence - hope she speeds up...

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That's all I got. Saw "OT" and got excited it was an Aniki post... but this is the next best thing. 


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Broke dudes who make up lies about why they are broke. Moochie losers... please don’t give me a fake sob story about a supposed “identity theft” and that’s the reason you don’t have any money. Please. B.I.F.C. (B!txh I’m from Cleveland) a savvy chick who has heard it all and doesn’t have time for lies. Just tell me you’re broke this week and MAYBE if I’m feeling nice I’ll kick in some dough to help pay for a meal.  Don’t assume I’ll feel sorry for your loser-y butt and buy you a burger. 

Sorry... just annoyed about an almost-promising situation with a suitor who has no kids. Plus, he smelled like fried chicken and Jolly Ranchers so that, too, killed the romance. Another one bites the dust. 


Sending you “feel better” dust, Aniki. 

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Ok ..... so Efff off to all of you calling me a lousy or stupid driver when else am I supposed to come on the site except when I'm driving, and MidwestMrs, that wasn't a very lady like gesture you made at me this morning lol

Eff off to Aniki's immune system and sickness in general !

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Feel better Aniki! <3 

Eff off to sleep deprivation and being exhausted yet trying to work a full 8 hour shift everyday! Babe is 11 months but has yet to sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time so I'm about ready to cry. I ordered a nap mat for the floor of my office and I'm waiting for it to arrive! lol 

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Eff off to pneumonia. Feel better Aniki!

Eff off to the psycho creeper guy in the gym who wouldn’t stop staring at me (I think he wanted to kill me? Idk or why)

Eff off to society’s general current lack of etiquette 

Eff off to people who don’t understand how authority and hierarchy works (it keeps us all from killing each other people... just know your place)

Eff off working two people’s jobs

Eff off to Hurricane Florence (I hope you Carolina STalkers are ok)

Eff off to Monday through Friday

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IF the dude looks at you weird again, just punch him. He'll most likely back off and then be too embarassed to tell anyone a female gave him a black eye... Male ego. LMAO He was probably just jealous you're rocking the gym better than him! Wink